Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Money Madness

Well, hello. It's one of those fun weather days when every time you look out the window something different is happening. I took out my recycling bins earlier in a blizzard, then it became brilliantly sunny and now it's a mixture of both - sun, cloud and little flakes of snow.

I'm grateful the sun has been shining the last couple of days. Saturday I got out for a ramble in the woods and thoroughly enjoyed myself. A little later I went with two friends to see Michael Moore's latest documentary - "Where to Invade Next". I highly recommend it - I laughed, I  cried, but most importantly I learned a lot. Moore visits several countries to find out their solutions to current American (and in some case Canadian) problems in education, child nutrition,  prison reform, free health care and other benefits like paid vacation, racism, free tuition, banking and financial institutions and much more.

Did you know, for example, that there are many American students enjoying the benefits of free tuition in Finland and Slovenia? Who knew?! (Here in Canada we charge international students an arm and a leg to go to university here!!) There are good  great solutions to all of our huge burning issues if we look at how other countries are doing things. I mean, who wouldn't like 8 weeks of paid vacation like folks in Italy get? And in Germany if you are stressed/depressed you will be sent to a spa, all expenses paid, where you will be massaged by the pool back to health.

The most important goal of the people who were interviewed (from children to highschool students to factory workers, to business owners to police officers to health care workers to prisoners and prison guards) was: maintaining the value, dignity and respect for each person - there are NO throwaway people. Everyone is consulted and listened to, even children - it was really quite remarkable. We have it all wrong. Work and money should be at the bottom of our list of goals, not at the top.

That's all I'll say, please go and see it.

Back to the fun stuff - the BUDGET!!
Is it blown? Pretty close!

As long as Murphy doesn't rear his ugly head I should be ok. My next payday is in 10 days. I did purchase a few things regarding my little project which is...duh duh duh... continuing to refresh my foyer. Around $110 was spent on paint and painting supplies so that is going to keep me busy for the rest of the day. I also had a hot date with two girlfriends Saturday when we went to see the movie and then went out for Mexican food. Oh, and I bought more music (no wine required Living Rich on the Cheap LOL!) - I'm a sucker for new music in the genres that I love.

That leaves me with aprox $220 to get to payday. Things should be ok - Dougie is at 3/4 full of gas, the fridge is in good shape after shopping for fresh produce on Friday and I'll focus on getting things done around the house and stay away from the shops, which is nothing new for me. BUT, if you see Murphy - don't tell him where I live!!

Have a happy Monday (is that possible??) !                                

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