Friday, March 18, 2016

Foto Friday (and more!)

Look at me! Look at me! I'm actually doing my Foto Friday post on a FRIDAY!!! Don't get used to it though, no doubt I'll be back to my old lazy ways next week! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my photos from one year ago will contain some sunshine, even just a smidgen, as I'm forgetting what the sun looks like. Okay, here goes.....

WOW - there IS sunshine!! Okay, now I hope there's a million dollar error in my bank my favour of course!

I remember this day - it was a TWO DOVE ALERT Day! Luna and Lily were glued to the patio door. Luna was a bit more relaxed but Lily (on the left) is in full pounce mode.

 And MORE sunshine, though a LOT colder - a friend and I went for a walk and ended up near the forks of the Thames River in downtown London. The fountain is frozen solid. It usually looks like...


There's Robyn - she of the scathing letter last week about the artists' gathering now infamously known as "The Stupid Waste of Time".

Okay, I don't know how this photo got uploaded but we'll go with it. This is Kazi, age 9, when we travelled to Edmonton, Alberta for a highland dance competition where she almost won a trophy, but came in second. This was taken after the week-long competition - we travelled about the province visiting Jasper Park where I got out of the car to  chase a bear for a photo - he wasn't interested. We also went to Banff and then to Kananaskis country which is west of Calgary, about halfway between Banff and Calgary. There is a huge conference centre/hotel there where the G8 leaders met in 2002. We didn't stay there though, we stayed in a very rustic hostel (private family room). We walked a few times to the conference centre to buy snacks/drinks etc passing signs warning us to watch out for bears. They advised travelling in groups and making lots of noise so Kazi and I sang every song we could think of at the top of our lungs! We loved this spot and Kazi happily played in "Harrison Creek" with the gorgeous Rocky Mts in the distance while I kept a lookout for bears. What a great memory.

Kazi and I travelled to many places across Canada for her 12 year dance career and I utilized the vast system of coast to coast hostels. With a $30 membership Kazi stayed for free and I paid between $10-$20 per night for a private family room with ensuite bath. There wasn't one that we didn't like and they provided an economical way for me, single mom, to travel around Canada.

Well, that was random but anything goes in Blogland so roll with it!


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