Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thursday's Thang

Politics is not really my thang, however, there are times when one must declare one's opinions and this is one of those times.

My friend, Marilyn, lives in Oregon as she found it was WAY cheaper to live there instead of in Canada...she has dual citizenship. However, she is willing to absorb the extra costs of living rather than stay in a country that votes THE DONALD for President!! She is AFRAID!!

Before Marilyn told me that I was considering where on earth (literally) I would move to if Trump becomes president because I think Canada is a little too close to the U.S. for my own comfort under those circumstances!! I am AFRAID!!
I saw this today on Facebook - not sure if it is true or not: 
"In the hours after Super Tuesday polls closed, Google searches for “how can I move to Canada”spiked by 350% – by midnight, it grew by 1,000%"
(WHO the heck is voting for this egomaniacal blowhard??)
Then there was this article today in my local newspaper: (the author, Andrew Coyne, is Canadian but has written for the New York Times as well as the Washington Post)
Especially this paragraph: 
 "This nomination race is unlike any we have seen in modern times, for the simple reason that Trump is unlike any other candidate we have seen: boorish, ignorant, pathologically dishonest, his message a toxic mix of authoritarianism, extreme nationalism and racial intolerance delivered with a Mussolini-like sneer. He is, quite simply, unfit for office. The GOP leadership is determined to block Trump’s nomination, and for good reason. This is no mere ideological dispute or personality clash. It’s existential. With among the worst favourable/unfavourable ratings ever recorded for any candidate of either party, he would almost certainly lead the party to a historic defeat, not only in the presidential race, but in the Senate and House as well." 


I won't say anything else about Donald Trump. I won't demean him, or make any hair jokes, or make note of his total lack of policy...I won't make any racist comments or call him a misogynist, rapist or thief, I will let the his record speak for itself. 

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Kim said...

Don't worry, I have faith he'll make it a shoo in for the Democrats. If in middle school his behavior would be "rewarded" with ISS/OSS, or the Recovery Room. He has some nerve if he thinks his behavior will give him the presidency.