Saturday, March 5, 2016

Pain Pain GO AWAY!!

The big pile of snow we received this week has given me a pain in the neck!! (and shoulder and back!)  I had to use a broom to reach the top of Dougie and had to put a lot of energy into it as there was a good inch or two of frozen rain under the snow. I could my muscles pulling but figured it would be fine once I was finished. Wrong.  It's like when you get up in the morning and feel you must have slept all wrong - hurts to turn my head or do neck rolls etc. It's in the same area as when I had that pinched nerve in my right shoulder a couple years ago. The only thing that helped then was acupuncture so I'll make an app't on Monday to get needled :)

Projects are lying all over the house.  I bought new yarn for Kazi's infinity scarf as black yarn is really hard to work with - can't see the stitches!! Shoulda listened to my seester...right seester?? My sculpture is half way finished and is calling out to me. I did some rug spooling for a couple of nights but that repetitive motion was painful. I haven't hiked (due to weather) but have ridden my bike and am doing yoga.

Grrrrrr....pain makes me mad!

I will leave you with Foto Friday's fotos since I didn't post yesterday: oh, what a surprise!! One year ago today I took more kitten photos! Some bunny wants a belly rub! Oh, it's Lily, with her pink tongue hanging out in anticipation!

 Whatcha waiting for??

  My tummy is right here!!


 Oh, and I completed my first sculpture in a number of years!! And have been busy in the workshop ever since :)  

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