Monday, March 28, 2016

Eggs are Real FOOD!!

...except for the chocolate kind.....nuff said.

I finished painting the second of 2 shelves in the kitchen though it wasn't easy. When Luna fixates on something she can be very very stubborn. She was bound and determined to jump on and off each section that I painted which led to... having to chase her around to clean her paw pads and then clean the floor. The photo below shows only one painty pad belonging to Lily. She's a little more tentative than Luna - she put one front paw on a wet shelf, didn't like it, and ran off. It took me a little while to learn my lesson but I think I've got it figured out now. Put kitties in the basement when painting....

That was Wednesday. On Thursday I had SO MUCH FUN!! I still had over $200 left for March so I set out to do some shopping!  I felt I could do better in this little area by the front door than this "Welcome" chicken and small shelf for our keys. So...I went looking...

 ...and found this at Michael's craft store. I added the decorative hooks for our keys...

...and I also added a "boat's wheel" door knocker that had been on our front door when I was a kid. My dad was in the navy and combined ops during WW11 and this was his door knocker though I don't know where he got it from.

...and yesterday my friend Troy gave me some wind chimes so they're hanging there until I can get outside again.

My other purchase at Michael's was a new spring wreath for the front door - I had a 30% off coupon plus my senior's discount - isn't it pretty? I love pansies!

Then I went on a little spree at my local thrift shop where I found this letter "H" which I am going to paint and then attach to the top of my new key rack.  (H for Harrison)

After organizing our coats, hats, scarves, gloves etc on the coat tree in the freshly painted nook at the bottom of the stairs I had a few odds and sods that didn't fit in the boxes. So I went to Talize hoping to find a nice basket for the coat closet to hold the leftovers. And I did! This one is Luna approved!

Great fit!

Among other Talize finds... a napkin holder... (Lily approved)...

...and this antique iron hook - I haven't figured out where to put it yet but I NEEDED it!

I also went to the wine store :) and the grocery store. I used a bunch of my President's Choice points and ended up paying only $20 for Easter groceries! I purchased wine for two potluck suppers I was attending over the long weekend along with pumpernickel bread/spinach dip, and Thai food for the other potluck. I still ended up having money leftover which went into my small emergency fund that I keep hidden away here at home.

The $3.00 kitten bed I purchased at Dollarama continues to be THE PLACE for naps. Sometimes they both squeeze in and sometimes one lays on top of the other. If neither of those options work then even snuggling up to the outside of the bed with one's head hanging on the inside is preferable than NO kitty bed at all. They are quite obsessed with it - once in they stay in all day!!

We're in...I think...
Face to face.

Don't even think about saying anything about my butt!
Get off my larynx!

When you can't be IN you can at least be close!

I hope your Easter was a happy one! And that you did better resisting all the chocolate than I did. I had a fabulous hike yesterday - it was sunny and +17c - just delightful. Then by about 10pm it started to thunderstorm - it was WILD!! And today it's cold again, more rain, a bit of snow - blechhh! Large pools of water are everywhere as the earth can't absorb any more. Alright, quit already!!

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Kim said...

Dang, those kitties are cute. I love the white shelves.