Tuesday, March 8, 2016

On Track for Spring!

Yes, it's early to be predicting that SPRING has SPRUNG and I have been known to always be wrong before but there are SIGNS people!! I can see my snowdrops once again :)
And yesterday was such a mild day I went for a ramble in Kilally Meadows
and found lots of animal tracks like that of the White Tail Deer below!
I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for baby deer prints too! These
look like Mama Deer sized prints.

I'm sure that the "recliner" pictured below has been around since last year or years and come spring, when all is in leaf around it, it will be hidden away from hikers' view. I hope I can find it again.  

Oh no! Which way should I go? 
(I went left!) 

One of my landmarks - the curved birch - now I know exactly where I am!

On another note...I have stopped using cream and now use soy milk in my morning coffee.
To jazz up my drink I heat the soy milk and use my frother to thicken it into....

It is such a treat!! And healthy too!! Yum!

Last night I ate at an Ethiopian restaurant for the first time. I had heard about
this place before - people rave about it! You get tons of thin
pancake like bread that you tear up and use to scoop
up the food. No utensils needed! I shared a 
vegetarian platter for 3 and we couldn't
eat it all ($10 each). I will definitely
go there again! 

Here's how I know that SPRING is here for sure: the minute the temperature
rises above 0c young men turn to shorts and T-shirts and the
streets become clogged with joggers. Mr. Toque Head
didn't get the memo!
It's going to be even warmer today!! 
I'll likely see a few couches sitting on the front lawns of the local frat houses while
young men use beer cases as foot stools :) 
Gotta love 'em!

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