Sunday, April 19, 2015

Thursday - the Non-Existent Day

Well, not totally non-existent...but close! Thursday (yes, I'm still catching up!) began with a nice hike from Gibbons Park in London up to the University and back making various expeditions on side trails along the way. The flooding of the Thames hasn't been too severe this year so while we encountered some muddy spots none of the trails were flooded. I'm still having some pain in the backs of my legs so am trying to remember to do lots of hamstring stretches. Is there a muscle that hasn't hurt in my body the last couple of months??? (said in my best Chandler Bing voice - we've been binge-watching Friends lately!)

 It was a really mild day and I was in my shirt sleeves before too long. After the hike we went for coffee but my head was aching and I was feeling tired so I trekked on home. I caught up on (see, it's a theme, a boring theme but a theme nonetheless!) two days of newspapers and had some homemade ratatouille for lunch. I must have added too much hot sauce though as I ended up with heartburn AND a headache - not a good combination. So I stretched out on the sofa, kitten tucked cozily behind my legs, and listened to a book on my iPad while dozing off and on until 9:30pm!!

Good grief! At that point I got up and went to bed!

And that was Thursday...

On Friday there was no hike so a friend and I walked at the BMO centre which has an indoor track. I made up for my couch potato status the previous day by also going for a 2 hour bike ride (yes, another nice mild and sunny day) and then I finished raking and cleaning up the back patio.

Then I walked over to the Wine Rack and bought a bottle of chilled Reisling, bought some socks, a tank top and some undies at Giant Tiger plus took advantage of their "special" - buy a bottle of Windex and get a free package of paper towels - and walked home where I made myself a lovely white wine spritzer and enjoyed the fruits of my labour out on the patio with the kittens.

I wrapped up the day by watching the last episode of "The Slap" on Netflix which I highly recommend. I'd read the book last year and thought it was good. Don't slap a kid, please, especially someone else's!! All hell will break lose, trust me! In fact, just don't slap anyone, including animals! Have a wine spritzer instead!

**Oh yes, speaking of kids...Kazi is in Austin,Texas this weekend! A company that she sells concert tickets for sent her to Texas to a music festival - all expenses paid. All she has to do is write a review of the festival. Cool eh? That would be her dream job if she could live on nothing. In other Kazi news she now has some furniture!! Woo hoo...we're getting close to independence - I can feel it! A friend of hers who worked for Target's head office before they closed it and all the Target stores here in Canada is moving back home to go back to school and gave Kazi some of her furniture.

I'm sure it's an omen of things to come!


  1. The only time I would walk would be to get liquor. I'm lazy and a drunk.
    It does sound like she is thinking about jumping.

  2. The Reggae Fest? How FUN! I live close to Austin, but could not find the time with 4 kiddos to make it - maybe when we are a little older.

    Sometimes you have to be a couch potato - good for the soul. Hope your aches settle down soon!

  3. I saw the Australian "The Slap"...everything un ravelled.
    Jane x

  4. I would love to take a hike, even if it is off a pier!

  5. livingrichonthecheapApril 20, 2015 at 11:16 AM

    Free furniture and she accepted it - a great sign!

  6. My plan is to rake in the fall when they're not so wet and messy. I don't really want to face such a huge job in the spring.

  7. I would be really happy if I motivated you to get walking! Yes, I'm at the same trailer park as before...we were happy there and we're even in the same quiet and peaceful part of the park, lucky us!

  8. I know...after a couple days of warm temps we think summer is on its way, but realistically May can be quite cool too!

  9. anne in the kitchenApril 20, 2015 at 12:27 PM

    I'm not sure if I introduced myself or not before, so either hello for the first time or for the 2nd. I have joined the Sonya Ann uber radical group of united bloggers. Nice to meet and read your story

  10. I just found this comment - welcome to the group of united bloggers!!! :) I have seen your comments on other blogs however, so knew of your existence! I'll be visiting soon!


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