Saturday, April 11, 2015

Makeover Madness

The long list of projects to do around the house (and trailer!!) continues to grow. Dragging my sorry pain-filled butt around to make minor repairs or do some redecorating just doesn't seem like something I want to do right now.

HOWEVER.......sometimes some little thing catches your eye and you realize you need to take immediate action...

EEEEEEEEEK!! Some horrible, hairy creature is living under out bathroom sink!!! And it's GROWING!! And trying to ESCAPE!! Is it a black widow spider???

Let's zoom in on this hideous creature!! Hmmmmm...there's something familiar about it....yes, it's my daughter's hair!! No, don't worry, my daughter isn't living in the cupboard under the sink but some old hair extensions are!! Along with lots of clutter!!

It's time for MAKEOVER MADNESS!! 

Uggghhh! Hair extensions mixed in with a jumble of other crap! It's gotten to the point that when we need to put something away we yank the cupboard door open with incredible speed and toss the item in quickly slamming the door shut again before debris tumbles out onto the floor. It's time to get the mess under control and it'll be a quick, easy on the back, fix!

First I cleared everything out from under the sink.  Kazi went through everything and tossed out most of it :)  I did a quick wipe down and added some contact paper that I had left over from doing the drawers in the kitchen.

I added an extendable extra shelf to help keep things organized, just a few dollars from Walmart.

And...ta da!! All is now organized and easy to reach.  I hope I can keep the momentum going and continue with the bathroom redecorating. I have paint for the walls and cupboard doors, new cupboard handles and some new shelves to put up. Now that my back is on the mend (but not fully mended) it's time to start doing some tasks around the house that won't be too taxing on the back.

It feels great to accomplish something, even if it is relatively minor. Are you working on any little projects??


Sonya Ann said...

Your makeovers inspire me. Den told me that we are headed to Hobo to look for new bathroom stuff. Those words always scare me.
And would you be will to travel to IL to fix under my kitchen sink?

livingrichonthecheap said...

We did a whole whack of yard work today - clearing the dead bits off our 11 foot cedars in the back yard and weeding. That took 2 of us 2 hours. We also went to a home show and started to look into new flooring. Our 7 year old home has 3 windows that the seal is broken - someone at the home show told us the windows we have have a lifetime guarantee for first owner or 10 year guarantee for 2nd owner. We are inside the 10 years and second owner so now can start to see if we can have them replaced for free. Fingers and toes crossed. Your cupboard makeover looks great - those hair extensions were very frightening :)

Jane said...

Always something to do here.I ran out of the contact stuff for the kitchen cupboards,Can Tire ran out of the colour I it's not MY fault the project is unfinished.
Jane x

kim said...

I love the sorry pained filled butt. Butt you bent over to do this I butt I mean I bet.

Marguerite said...

What the hair??! LOL, looks good Jane. So nice to tidy up and organize those little spaces isn't it? although I can't say I really know that feeling well, our house is still knee deep in renos after 5 years of living here. I keep asking for extra cupboards so we can organize better but that hasn't happened yet.

sluggy said...

I so love those little cabinet organizing jobs you can complete in a day! So gratifying.