Saturday, April 18, 2015

Catching Up

It's been a busy time here at Crabapple Landing and beyond. The last time I posted was on Tuesday - since then I've been too occupied elsewhere or recuperating from a head/stomach ache. So I'll be posting about the (recent) past playing catch up!

Wednesday was trailer day. Wow, the weather was so nice! However...the difference in temperature between London and Bayfield, where the trailer is located, is about 6 degrees. Here's why...

The ice on Lake Huron, which was especially thick this year due to our month or more of -30c temperatures, is still breaking up!

Despite that the temperature was a balmy 12c while it reached 18c in London. It was warm enough for me to be in short sleeves after raking for several hours. About 6 hours to be exact!

My yard was full of leaves...and I mean FULL! In the midst of my travail the original owners of the trailer stopped by, Ross and Linda, very nice people. They've offered to help me in any way they can as they've always been fond of their first trailer but have since purchased a year round trailer instead just down the road from me. How fortunate for me! However when they told me they regularly raked 30 bags of leaves.....!!!

This is the area at the back of the trailer - there is a nice cozy area where there is a swing - a quiet spot for a book and a glass of wine:) To the left of this picture is the shed which you can see in the next photo...

That's my fire pit and unfortunately there's a massive amount of my leaves...

Ross told me all about the was originally built as a bunkie with a large storage box on the left side which accommodated a single mattress. The shed has a couple of windows and a small porch on the front. There is also overhead storage which he showed me how to access. There's all kind of stuff up there so I'll have to explore next time I'm there.

I didn't get all the leaves bagged as I ran out of bags! But all of these in this picture are gone. I filled about 20 bags so far. Then I filled a few with the refuse left behind in the trailer. The previous owners, not to be confused with the original owners, didn't do a very good job cleaning it out. So quite a few more bags went to the dumpster with children's toys (they had 6 kids!) and crap from the cupboards and closets. Nothing I wanted to keep and use.

I took a lot of bins of stuff up to the trailer - towels, sheets, dishes etc but didn't unpack anything as I haven't cleaned inside yet. It could be another week before I get back as the mild temperatures we have been enjoying are not sticking around past tomorrow and the water isn't turned on yet at the trailer park. Tomorrow I have a 16km hike and then it's rainy and much cooler next week.  It was nice while it lasted - I went on several hikes and rode my bike twice - 2 hours at a time. My patio is all cleaned up and the kitties and I have really enjoyed being outside. The kittens spend most of their time trying to swat bugs out of the air - pretty comical!


Gee, who does this remind of you of SonyaAnn? Lily looks a little concerned about the fact that she's making a cozy nest for herself in the messy linen closet. Or perhaps she's telling me to clean it up!

Luna almost disappears into the furry blanket she's napping on...

Lily's having a snooze on my lap - I love it when she lays on her back with her paws in the air:)  She looks pretty pleased with herself.

And that's a wrap for today. I'm off to volunteer at a fundraiser - there's an Elvis impersonator and everything!! More later!


  1. Are you in the same trailer park as you were with your previous trailer? Which trailer do you think you'll prefer, this new one or your previous one?

    (My apologies if you've already answered my questions in an earlier post; my mind is like a sieve lately!)

    Reading about your hikes is giving me motivation to get off my arse ....

  2. it's a shame the nice warm weather could not hang around longer, still it's only April. The cat photos are very cute.

  3. Oh the furry cuteness!!!!

  4. Your post tugged at my spirit, and not just because of the kitties :-) There is just something about that first time at the lake, cottage, camping, with the smell of the leaves and the freshness of the outdoors and the promise of fires in the firepit, that rejuvenates my soul.

  5. livingrichonthecheapApril 19, 2015 at 12:33 PM

    Those leaves will be a great Spring workout every year lol. My puppy was sleeping on his back with one leg in the air last night - I totally get what you mean. Those kitties are freaking cute!

  6. Soooo distracted by the kitties,I forgot to read the post!
    Jane x


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