Thursday, April 9, 2015

BUDGET Bonanza!

There is no bonanza, nor any lesbians either so move along to the next blog if you want...

Just another dull look at the budget...but, it keeps my spending in check (sorta)  to look at the numbers weekly. I am thankful that so far April is going better than expected. Now there's something to celebrate right? (completely disregarding that it's only the 9th of April?)

So what's so darn great about April's money so far??? Well....the acupuncturist said I might only have to get one treatment (she says while burning her butt on a heating pad...)

HEY, I JUST SAID BUTT!!(that should increase my readership!!)

I took $500.00 out of savings to cover said treatments @ $50.00 a SHOT that would amount to 10 treatments. So...I could possibly save $450.00!! (some of which I spent already - EEK!!) Money is getting muddled - OH NO!! I hate that! I took $200.00 of the $500.00 designated for acupuncture and put it in my wallet. I paid for one treatment and still have $80.00 left so that means that there is $70.00 unaccounted for!! I bought a book today ($30.00) and lunch ($5.00) so that leaves $35.00. I did spend some money to make a nice Easter - a bit on candy and wine...see how it dribbles away!?! I cannot be trusted with cash in my wallet - it DISAPPEARS!! And if I don't keep my receipts I can't track where it goes!!

Anyhoo I still have $380.00 left for the acupuncturist if I need it.  If I don't then either it goes back into savings or I use it to purchase some things for the trailer.

Speaking of the trailer...I used my misc money this week to buy two zero-gravity lounging chairs!!

I thought they would be nice for my back/butt area and they ARE!! At only $38.00 a piece I consider them a bargain! And that's all I spent (other than what was mentioned above), so my misc budget is in very good shape - see, it all works out in the end.

Gas budget stands at $145 left out of $170 (this budget will have to be increased once I start going to the trailer) and there is $180 left out of $276 in the food budget. Foodwise we are in great shape - there will be no food shopping until there is actually room in the fridge to put more food!!

And that sums up this week's edition of Budget Bonanza!! How's your budget looking?


  1. The budget here is good. No food shopping at ALL this week after last week's food shopping ORGY(maybe saying orgy will drive up your traffic!).
    Though I did make motel reservations for our trip to LA last weekend and they have already charged our c/c for it. ouch!
    I didn't expect to pay that bill until AFTER the trip but I guess paying it up before will mean less trip expenses to pay off when we get home. Spreads them out a bit more, ya know?

  2. We have zeo gravity chairs for summers outside. It feels as though you are them as my skinny butt doesn't get numb.
    Jane x

  3. The chair looks uber comfy! I'll have to look into them! My budget was going well... lol! Today I dropped a big chunk on random stuff and some meds ($180) that i'm hoping are reimbursed! Have 2 birthdays this month, so i'm hoping that I can still keep our slush fund up and not make too bad of a dent in our budget!

  4. So I was hoping for pictures of the lovely kittens perched in the zero gravity chairs. I have yet to catch my fluffbuckets sunning themselves in ours, but I have found plenty of fluff in the seats so I know they have been lounging. I am glad you're feeling better, though.

  5. I will say our budget could be worse, but it could be a heck of a lot better!! Eating ham all week, has helped the grocery budget though this week.

  6. That zero gravity chair looks like the summer version of a recliner we used to have. We have a recliner now which is pretty good, but the whole thing doesn't tilt back as much as I'd like it to (of course, one time I overdid it and fell over with my back to the ground - with the chair back under it, so no injuries - and my feet up in the air.)

  7. livingrichonthecheapApril 10, 2015 at 5:02 PM

    We have one of those zero gravity chairs and they are awesome. Hubby uses it in the summer to tan in the back yard. You "kind" of know where the cash is going lol so you are ahead of the game that way.

  8. Motel and orgy in the same comment will definitely increase the traffic:)

  9. Please do a review on those chairs after you've used them awhile. I thought they were a lot more expensive than that. Good deal.

  10. Lesbian budget orgy at the motel.....that should do it! ;-)


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