Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Elvis the Pelvis

Saturday night I volunteered at an event benefiting the Independent Living Centre in London - a place where folks with physical disabilities can go for a number of programs - exercise, work support, financial workshops etc. It was a great evening of music and dancing and we hopefully made a profit!!

The event took place at a local legion, hence the "Lest We Forget" sign in the background - you thought it was about Elvis didn't you!!  Who could ever forget Elvis?!?

The Elvis impersonator was a lovely fellow coming into the audience and onto the dance floor to interact with guests.
Look deeply into my eyes....SWOON!

Some of the band - there was also a keyboardist and drummer, altogether an excellent group of musicians.

After an Elvis set he came back as Johnny Cash (yay!)....
...and then Roy Orbison!

For his final set he returned as "VEGAS ELVIS" to the appreciation of the audience.  I'd say he was in a bit better shape than the original Elvis...thankfully :)

I have to say that "Elvis" did a great job at reading the audience and playing songs that got folks up and dancing. The evening also included a silent auction and 50/50 draw. I can't wait to hear how much cash was raised! This was the first ever "big gala event" for the Centre so I really hope it was successful.

In other news...KAZI GOT A NEW FULL-TIME JOB!!! And I have to hand it to her - she did this all on her own. A week and a half ago there was a London Music Awards night held where she works as a bartender. She got to talking (NETWORKING) to a woman who was in the process of looking for someone to be THE FACE OF A NEW MICRO-BREWERY called TOBOGGAN in a building which will also house a restaurant and bar serving the new local craft beers. Kazi said she'd be interested and met the owners a few days later. She found out today she GOT THE JOB!!

I've included an article from the London Free Press about the new business. SO EXCITING!!

I'm so PROUD!!

MICROBREWERY: Brand name inspired by 19th-century winter pastime

New brew echoes heritage 17

By Hank Daniszewski, The London Free Press
London restaurateur Mike Smith (Free Press file photo)
London restaurateur Mike Smith (Free Press file photo)
A new beer brand — Toboggan — will soon be sliding into London.
The local beer will be produced by the microbrewery set up recently by London restaurateur Mike Smith.
The brew will be made and served at the Toboggan Brewing Co., the new name for the freshly renovated bar and grill that now houses Jim Bob Rays and is next door to Joe Kool’s, Smith’s flagship restaurant on Richmond Row.
Smith said the toboggan is a authentic Canadian icon and the name was suggested by a family member who has researched the history of tobogganing in London.
Two huge wooden toboggan ramps were constructed near Richmond Row in the 1880s.
Smith is working on perfecting several different brews that will be marketed under the Toboggan brand.
“London used to be a big tobogganing centre. The beers will have their own name, but it’s a good name for the company,” said Smith.
Smith is working on acquiring a provincial licence that will allow him to sell Toboggan beer at other local bars and restaurants.
The microbrewery has been installed in the basement of Jim Bob Ray’s, but renovations to the bar and grill upstairs are still underway.
To bolster the menu of the new establishment, Smith will move his P.Za.Pie operation into the Toboggan location.
The restaurant has been operated at Richmond and Piccadilly streets for six years. The staff and pizza ovens will be moved into Toboggan in the coming weeks, Smith said.
While Jim Bob Rays’ has been a favourite watering hole for students, Smith said he hopes the renovations, and the menu, featuring P.Za.Pie pizza and locally sourced products, will broaden the establishment’s appeal.
“I want people of all ages. I want people to bring their kids in,” he said.
Toboggan will join two other local small breweries, Forked River Brewing Company of London and Railway City Brewing Co. in St. Thomas.
Railway City recently scored a coup, getting distribution for Dead Elephant brew at 13 Beer Store outlets in London, St. Thomas, Woodstock, Windsor, Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, Burlington and Toronto.


livingrichonthecheap said...

Great title :) So glad to hear about Kazi's job - congrats to her

sluggy said...

Congrats to Kazi!
I would love to come up there and support her new job.....*hic* 8-)

Gill said...

congrats to Kazi on her new job. Love how the entertainer was interchangable!!!

Jane said...

Forget Elvis..Kazi is in the building!
Jane x

Sonya Ann said...

You are such a good soul for helping. It looks like it was too much fun!
And yay for Kazi!!!!!! It was really smart how she networked and it seems to have paid off with a dream job.

Jane Harrison said...

Thank you...on both counts :)

Jane Harrison said...

You can bet I'll be supporting her :)

Jane Harrison said...

Thanks Gill :) I think he did Johnny Cash the best.

Jane Harrison said...

Yes!! And quite the building it is too! I'll see if I can get in there for some pics once it's open!