Thursday, April 23, 2015

It's a Brand New....

SEASON!!!...I think I'll call it "Sprinter" and Spring better just sprint right back here before I have a tantrum!

Poor Dougie the Dodge getting attacked by snow pellets...he did nothing to deserve this...

Aren't I glad I got those free rolls of paper towels when I bought Windex at Giant Tiger...looks like I'll be using them again...sometime...

Sprinter: spring chairs, winter weather.

Today it was even worse as it snowed more during the night. But I was off for a hike this morning and didn't get any photos.  Some has melted away but a lot remains. It's pretty chilly out there.

Today brings one week left in April's budget. I'm very happy with how and where the money went this month.  The heating bill was down!! The electricity bill...stayed the same (boo, hiss)...well, the bill would have been lower but rates are being raised AGAIN!! As Carla pointed out this week if you live in Ontario your hydro bill is obscene.

However, in spite of that I'm ahead of the game right now by $400.00. Even after tucking $350.00 into savings earlier in the month. April was the month of chairs - 3 zero gravity chairs - 2 have gone to the trailer; and today Canadian Tire had their andirondack chairs on for $16.99 (regular $23.99) so I bought 4 - they're in the back of Dougie waiting for the next trip to the trailer. Other than chairs, tealights for all of my lanterns and a new album on iTunes I kept my spending to a minimum. Oh, and I bought a book.... Oh, and a bottle of wine....oh, and another bottle of wine :)

What really helped is I only went out to dinner once and breakfast once. You can save a LOT of money by eating at home. AND I still have $109 left in my grocery budget of $276. And $87 left in my gas budget. AWESOME!! Obviously I won't have $400 left by next Thursday when April's budget is complete but I bet I have $300. Even $250 would be good. Or $200. See, I'm not picky, as long as I'm in the black I'm ecstatic!!

How's your budget going? Black or red?


444 said...

Up and down the east coast, we are having the same thing. Although I will say there's no snow or ice here. (Maryland - where it has definitely snowed in April before, but this late in the year? Have not heard of it.) But it is forecast to get down just under freezing each night for a while. Good thing I did not put away the wool socks and sweaters.

sluggy said...

Being cold again here too....bleh!
But so far no "that 4 letter word"...knock wood.
My budget is super marvelous this month. Still under budget on food(barely)and April is a third paycheck month so I'll have lots to put into my savings challenge, even after paying ahead for some of our hotel stays for our May trip. 8-)
Glad to hear you are in the black too, even though you had a Chairapalooza

michalann_w said...

It's been sprinter here this week too. But the short bit of spring we had before sprinter hit was so great. We're just pretending that the snow is really cold pollen, lots and lots of wonderful springtime pollen, wink, wink. Okay, I'm ready for more spring now!

kim said...

I love that patio the way you have the rock. Sorry about your weather.

Jane said...

Three cats to the vets for annuals yesterday, pick up meds for the diabetic girl,and some food. No change from $650...what budget?!!
Jane x

Sonya Ann said...

You are doing great with your budgeting and hey, you got 2 bottles of wine out of it. I would say that you are doing great.
I don't like your new season, its a crappy season. I would like for summer to be all year round. So if you could put in a request or something that would be great.
Have a great weekend!