Saturday, April 4, 2015

Coming Soon to a Location Near YOU - SPRING!!

 This is what I woke up to on the 1st day of April - NO JOKE!!

But just a day or so later and the world righted itself once again. Today I got out for a walk and then decided to do some raking. My back is paying for it now - but that's my fault, I get so impatient! Some daffodils are popping up!

My favourite bleeding heart bush :)

Precious hardy snowdrops...

I uncovered a few purple myrtle flowers while pulling out dead leaves...

And a little rose bush that a friend gave me last June was still alive!! Couldn't believe it!

and the ever realiable columbines.

Plants don't lie right?


  1. We can be fooled...the birds can be fooled..but I reckon that plants are not so daft.
    Jane x

  2. Dear god, I'm so very tired of snow storms. We got blasted again today... No signs of spring here... Maybe in a few weeks...

  3. Well I wouldn't have BELIEVED you on this when you posted a few days ago(especially after 30 min. North of here they got SNOW on Easter Sunday!!!)but today the sun is out and it feels so very warm outside I even put my miniature magnolia bush on the front porch to soak in the rays and I am throwing open ALL the windows....woohoo!!

  4. Plants don't lie but they aren't the brightest bulbs sometimes either. They get anxious just like we do and pop up a bit early. I really hope though they're right this time. Nobody wants to see more snow at this point (that said, it snowed here last night, BOOO!)

  5. April 7th, 7am and it's bloody snowing here...........ENOUGH ALRIGHT!!!!
    Oh, hope you had a lovely Easter!!

  6. OMG, I would not be happy at.all. My parents had snow for Easter in upstate NY. I'm definitely moving to FL for retirement! :)!


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