Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring Projects Galore

It was another CHILLY day but the sun was blasting down so I decided to make the best of it and head outside. The snow is gone, hopefully for good this time (damn you Mother Nature!), so it was time to tackle my two small flower beds at the front of the house. Yes, I am testing the weather gods, I know! I cleaned up the back patio and it snowed...I clean up the front and perhaps we'll be blessed with hail...any bets?!

There will be several steps to the cleanup process, of course, and today I just started with picking up the dead leaves, pruning the hydrangea bush and moving some rocks around.

Darn, I should have taken some closeups while I was working as I came across some lily of the valley poking up here and there. The bleeding heart bush is up about 8", about the same as last week before it got covered in snow. Same with the daffodils - they're about 4' high - no change from last week.

My other small bed - I cleaned up the dead leaves and moved more rocks over from the other bed. This garden has killed hundreds of dollars worth of plants over the years - nothing grows well here. About 20 years ago it was dug up for some reason I can't recall and then the dirt was put back in with the clay on top. I've tried different bushes and trees with no success. Right now there are a few different types of ground cover and lots of rocks. My plan is to find a "statement" rock/boulder, call it a rock garden and be done with it.

Cleaned up with more rocks. I have a new hose to replace this sad one, you know, for watering the rocks lol!

Inside I am sick and tired, VERY SICK AND TIRED, of the mess of boots/shoes in the foyer.

Time to fill a few bins with the detritus of winter: boots, toques, scarves, gloves etc and CLEAR THE CLUTTER!!  Another view - what a mess!!

This area needs some work. We do have a coat closet but Kazi prefers to hang every coat and scarf and throw every pair of boots and shoes she's ever owned onto this coat rack/shoe rack. The two bins on top hold all of our hats, gloves and mittens. Oh, and a bike helmet. Oops...that's mine!

Here's her shoe rack tidied up. I haven't finished the coat rack yet. That involves lots of shifting around from upstairs closet to downstairs closet - I was feeling faint and had to go meet a friend for coffee!

My rack - hiking shoes, Blundstone boots, hiking boots, more Blunnies, and underneath my hiking sandals and my shoes du jour. Much tidier...
Lots more to do but it's a start. And at least I'm not tripping over things...for now.


Jane said...

I washed our boot tray during the week. I discovered that it is beige!!
The weather ,this week ,should be good for gardening ..think that goes in the 'famous last words' file.
Jane x

livingrichoncheap said...

I so love living somewhere that no boots are required :) We just deal with shoes, sandals and watershoes. All I have left to do in the yard is plant some annual flowers in my front flower bed but it has been cold and rainy so maybe next week

Sonya Ann said...

I think you need to plant fake flowers in the bed that kills everything. I even saw a fake tree with lights on it at Menards this weekend. Maybe something along those lines.
I can't stand yard work.