Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Girl's gotta Eat

Today I spent more at the grocery store than I have since Christmas! Reason being I needed to buy a whole whack of stuff for the trailer: TP, paper towels, kleenex, cleaning supplies etc etc ... So to reduce the blow to the food budget I used $50.00 of my PC points to bring the overall total down to about $70.00.  That wasn't so bad...I still have $109 left in the food budget and should only need to pick up fresh produce between now and the end of the month.

Today's produce includes: apples, bananas, grapefruit, lemons, pears, cauliflower, avocados, green peppers, green beans, green onions, jalapeno peppers and some luscious tomatoes...

Frozen food includes two pizzas on sale, frozen corn and a package of "french" fish that was 50% off. This is our junk food!

Other treats included Triscuits made from brown rice, chicken bacon, eggs and whole wheat English muffins. On a whim I bought English muffins for an Easter breakfast (toasted muffin, slice of cheese, fried egg, chicken bacon and a slice of tomato). We're hooked!!

The dairy section includes mozzarella cheese strings which I take hiking for a quick burst of protein (reduced 60%), ginormous cheese blocks (800g compared to the usual 500g) at a reduced price so I grabbed two - won't need cheese for about 3-4 months! First pound of butter I've bought since Christmas baking and some half and half for my coffee. Just can't drink it black.

*see the pink heart-shaped thingies attached to my kitchen tile? They're sticky notes with generic reminders - I just put the applicable one on the counter to remind Kazi to do something..."clean the kitty litter", "tsf $$", etc, plus a few love notes for good measure!

Supplies for the trailer include: kleenex, paper towels, TP, garbage bags, Lysol wipes, dish soap, Windex spray, swiffer dusters but the no name version and shampoo, deoderant plus an extra shampoo for the trailer. And...two boxes of Kashi granola bars....

 ...in two yummy flavours...

And there you have it - $120 worth of groceries for $70.00.  After grocery shopping I spent the rest of the afternoon scouring the house for trailer stuff: sheets, blankets, throws, pillows, towels, tea towels and cleaning cloths, rake, broom, dishes, coffee maker, electric kettle, frying pans, lawn chairs and so on. I had a lot of stuff that I brought home from out east (and there is another truck load I need to pick up from one of my sister's barns in PEI). I will clean and arrange stuff tomorrow and make a list of what I'll still need. It shouldn't be too long of a list hopefully.

My daughter is going to be REALLY happy to find out I'm not bothering with a TV or cable. Or internet for that matter. She'll still have her phone:) She needs to rediscover books. She was raised as a reader and read the 7 Harry Potter books at least 10 times each but that has spoiled her for all other literature - she just can't find anything else to compare. Perhaps she can read them this summer for the 11th time! I have a library card for the local library and we can borrow movies. For me the trailer is just a place to sleep - the real action is on the beach and around the fire pit.

S'mores anyone?


Jane said...

TV and trailers don't mix.
We don't have a TV at all.
Jane x

~Carla~ said...

I just love the PC points!! Such a great program! :)

Sonya Ann said...

It the TP, paper towels and stuff that gets me every time. Its sooooo expensive.
I think that you are going to have a wonderful summer. Have fun reading!