Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Food Budget Update

I've been meaning to do this for awhile but keep forgetting. So today's the day! A couple of suggestions were made by fellow readers/bloggers related to my food purchasing habits and I never let you know that I have put your suggestions into practice!!

First of all a reader, Joann, suggested I buy "fresh" jalapenos instead of canned or bottled. That was a great idea - fresh ones are much cheaper and a package lasts much longer then a bottle. My daughter and I both like our food HOT!! so add jalapenos to so many things - like last week we made spaghetti sauce and added in three fresh chopped jalapenos. (Two would have been plenty!!) I ended up putting in more tomato sauce to tone it down a little.

The other suggestion I have put into practice is buying some of our produce at Giant Tiger. This suggestion was made by fellow blogger Sam @ It's Me, Sam.  You were right - they have great deals on quite a variety of produce. As I have a Giant Tiger and a No Frills store both within a 5 minute walk from my house it's been a snap to include a couple of trips into Giant Tiger each week. We go through avocados PDQ!!

So many thanks Joann and Sam!! I love practical suggestions that I can easily put into effect and that save me $$$!!

Now...how can I save money on gas.....??


Sonya Ann said...

I just love the blogging community! We all help one another to stretch our dollars.
I have been going to the Super Fresh Market lately. It is about a 20 minute drive from home but everything is much cheaper and the route takes me passed Goodwill. Maybe Im not saving money.

it's me, Sam said...

I went shopping at GT today, I bought 2 maxi skirts, three shirts, sandals, dress pants, Underwear ( which don;t fit... Sally Ann's will be getting those) and easter chocolate for a total of 84.00...

McVal said...

Great tips! Some in my house can't handle hot food, but my son sure loves it! And I do too, but it doesn't like me... much.

Eboo said...

Jane, you should look into Globally Local for your produce needs. They are local, purchase as much locally grown produce as possible, and they will deliver! Check them out! http://www.globallylocal.ca/