Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Challenge: Take 3!

Thank you Carla for setting up this challenge. The March Take 3 challenge involves deciding on a personal goal (in the area of health/fitness), a decluttering goal and a financial goal. To learn more about this challenge go HERE!


Finance Goal:
  • Get my taxes done and hopefully get my refund before the end of March. This money has to work hard for me. I am taking Living Rich on the Cheap's advice and buying a nice area rug for my living room that I can take with me to PEI. Sooner or later I will be putting my condo up for sale and a gorgeous area rug in the living room that will set off and protect the new dark bamboo floors will fit the bill. I also have my eye on a tabletop candelabra for the patio area to replace the one HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED took with him when he moved out. I saw one on Amazon that should do the trick. 
  • Save $3500+ (rsp interest, part of my tax refund? and payday savings transfers from my paycheques). That will put me within $17,000 of reaching my savings goal by the end of August. I am very determined.
Personal Goal:
  • I road my bike 3 times last week. I'm happy with 3 x weekly until such time as I can start riding to work everyday. Right now that seems impossible but I'm sure the snow will all melt by April...May? So I will continue to ride my stationary bike a minimum of 3 x weekly, more if possible.
  • This Friday March break begins. I've only been juicing for breakfast due to working so over March break I am going to juice 2-3 x daily since I'll be at home. To help with this I'm going to pick a few new juice recipes and get the shopping done for that by Friday. I want to be in great shape for RETIREMENT!
  • I'm already on top of this one BUT I have a big job for March which is removing the laminate flooring in the basement. I will have to hire a junk removal service to haul it all away. Good riddance!! 
  • Remove the wallpaper borders that still remain in 4 rooms during March break so that painting can begin!! 
  • Believe it or not I have totally decluttered ALL rooms in my house! BUT when my sister told me how much it was going to cost to move her stuff to PEI I've decided to get rid of whatever I can't fit into my truck - maybe I'll pull a trailer too, haven't decided yet. Or maybe whoever buys my house (could be students since I'm close to both the college and the university) will want/need some furniture. So I'll be selling or giving away what's left and I'll buy new/used/antique once I'm in PEI. As it is I've been living in PEI for 2 months a year and have managed just fine with what I have there. The idea is to live a more simple life and the thought of reducing what I have doesn't bother me in the least.
So that sums up my March goals - we'll see how it goes. I may try to exceed what I've laid out here as an extra challenge to myself since these goals are what I planned to do anyways, challenge or not. 

Thanks Carla for inspiring me to think through my goals!


livingrichonthecheap said...

We got rid of a lot of our furniture before we moved, the cost of moving some of it was just prohibitive. The rug - I still don't regret buying ours 7 years ago. It covered our laminate in Alberta, right now is sitting on top of our regular rug. We hope to change over to hardwood or tile soon but for now it is still getting used and so cosy! The big countdown is on, retirement is just around the corner and I am so happy for you!

it's me sam said...

Awesome goals, Jane! Lots of goodies to be found at auctions, flea markets, yard sales... I wonder if winter will ever end this year... I'll be cheering you on, and popping by to visit you in PEI this summer.

Lena said...

He took patio candelabra with him?!!! How cheap!

Hubby got me a juicer for Valentine's Day but so far I've been doing the same things over and over. What is your favorite recipe?

Holly Nelson said...

Ok: personal goal: continue to run every time I walk the dog to the park, building on the distance ran/time it takes. Financial goal: learn how to do my taxes! Decluttering: Go through clothes and take old ones to the clothes bank!

Sonya Ann said...

Oh I love the idea of getting rid of so much. Den keeps EVERYTHING and I like to keep NOTHING. We get into fights over this. I blame him.