Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's the Most WONDERFUL Time of the Year....tra la la la la...!!

Yes, my friends, it the most wonderful time of the year. The time when presents have been opened, large meals have been cooked and devoured, carols have been sung, rum and eggnog consumed, family visited, reminiscences reminisced, boxing day sales attended or ignored as the case may be, old movies watched once again, parties enjoyed and jolly old St. Nick has finally returned to the North Pole.

Yes folks, my favorite time of the year is AFTER all of the obligatory festivities are over. Especially this year. Today is the first day that all activity has slowed to a mere crawl and I can finally stop and appreciate and reflect on all that has happened...on all that I received, of time spent with new acquaintances and old friends, of phone conversations with far away family members and thinking about what went well and what didn't. 

You see, I don't do well with the hustle bustle, the boisterous parties, the vast amounts of food and alcohol, the go go go with no stops to rest and reconnoitre in between. I'm an introvert.

Although all of the social interactions are NOT yet over - there's still dinner out with my neighbour tomorrow and New Year's dinner and parties this Saturday - today I was able to pause and recharge my batteries. I can be sociable, I can be witty and friendly and interesting...but it takes a lot out of me. It doesn't come naturally and I even have to think ahead about what I could say to people I don't know and what I could ask a total stranger when I find myself standing alone in a room full of people. Horrors...

Yes, I just typed that - "alone in a room full of people." To make things even more challenging Michael is an extrovert. He thrives on being with people. The difference between an extrovert and an introvert is where we derive our energy from. Introverts recharge by being alone, reflecting on things, being at peace in a quiet environment (HOME!) whereas extroverts recharge like a solar panel - out and about in the sun with crowds of people, noise and excitement.

Yesterday Michael and I did some boxing day shopping and he bought me two new books: "The Introvert Advantage - How to Thrive in an Extrovert World" and "Introvert Power - Why Your Inner Life is Your Hidden Strength." I am going to learn more about ME and what makes me tick and we are both going to learn more about each other. Happily I am with someone who wants to understand me and accepts me as an introvert. I imagine I'll be learning more about extroverts as well.

Our winter camping in a yurt experience should be illuminating to say the least!!

As a compromise we stayed in all day in our pjs. I was able to catch up on all of your blog posts which fills me with great happiness. There is wine mulling in the crockpot, the house is a mess and I can finally just BE. Soon we'll be going out to see Mission Impossible at the Rainbow (it's $4.00 Tuesday!) I'm re-energized and now it's Michael's turn. 

Don't I look happy? My name tag wouldn't stick to my top so I stuck it on my chest. In the photo is Robin, the hostess and her son, Jarrod. I had just found out that Jarrod and Kazi both went to the same french immersion elementary school and the same highschool - in fact, I remember him walking to the bus stop every morning with his hoodie pulled down over his face. He's a couple years older than her so they weren't best buds or anything but they did know each other. Small world! I went to the party with a good attitude, determined to talk to people and make an effort to have a good time. It worked!


Christy said...

I am an introvert as well. You described it perfectly. Lots of people wonder how an introvert can be a teacher - dealing with people all of the time. It's not that one can't make conversation etc., but that it is tiring and feels like work. My father used to run Myers-Briggs workshops - he is definitely an extrovert!
I am so looking forward to the rest of the holiday - quiet time at home!!!

Anonymous said...

Its wonderful that you and Michael have found your rhythm with each other. Will and I are the same way, my mom used to say I would talk to a wall if they let me, where as Will is quiet and one of those still waters runs deep type of guys.

Sounds like a wonderful holiday

Lisa said...

I can so identify with your introvertedness....(new word lol) I am very much an introvert... and my husband is the extrovert. He has never met a stranger. I can muddle through a party.... but I will be stressed.

Mission Impossible... great movie! Enjoy!

Louise said...

I wish I was going to the movies with you -$4 a ticket is amazing!

We're going to Mission Impossible today and it's $15 a ticket... so $60 for the four of us without food.

Jane I never had you pegged for an introvert, I'm one too and my DH is a total extrovert, I'll have to get those books.

enjoy the movie :)

Suzy said...

well let me know how those books are! I'm only extroverted when I'm wired on caffeine or sugar or really really really know the group I'm with. I'm more of a loner otherwise.
I'm just gearing up to cook some meals and try the healthier lifestyle once again..trying to get a running start on frugal and fat - easy to say after I've spent and ate! ;-)

~Carla~ said...

It's hard when things are crazy busy.. From the 24th to the first here is absolutely nuts... We have 3 Christmas' this year, my oldest daughters birthday, I have a couple photoshoots, etc.. so, I feel your pain. ;) I'm glad you had a good time at the party though, Jane! I find once you get going its usually fine! :)

Out My window said...

Isn't the down time great! I finished the book in less than a day. I liked it. Although I am not a fan of natural childbirth by any means. I would have killed to have twilight sleep or any kind of help. All of mine were born posterior with no meds, although I begged and screamed and tried to kill nurses it did no good. My husband would not let a nurse by me at a certain point in my labor he knew by the look in my eye she would go down!

Mark said...

So you're a little shy, eh? Isn't it funny how bold and sociable we can be on our blogs? I find that funny. I haven't done "parties" in years but I used to have a blast. Now I "party likes it's 1999" via personal blogs. It feels the same to me. Even more so since I always have a drink near by.
But I'm glad that you did get out there and spread the Holiday Cheer around.
Your Friend, m.
p.s. I bet Jarrod would like to be "best buds" with Kazi now. I'm just sayin! m.

Sharon said...

I would NEVER have guessed you were an introvert! Really! You are so witty and are always on.the.go!

I'm glad you got to spend the entire day in your pjs! I LOVE days like that!

I stopped on your post when you mentioned "mulled wine in the crockpot". (You can tell what my mind is on!) What is that? It sounds really delicious, but I've never heard of it! Mulled cider, but not wine.

Enjoy the quiet...school will be starting soon enough! :)!

jpkittie said...

I'm with you! I am so excited to get everything put away!!!! I can't wait for the relaxation time to start! Things get so busy during the holidays - I just love to enjoy the family home & a cup of coffee or tea ;)

Jane said...

As many of you are also introverts you know it's much easier to communicate through writing than through speaking.
This is very true for me. I may "appear" extroverted but that is only with my closest friends and family members.
Speaking to a total stranger is stressful and hard (not one of YOU is a stranger) and I need time alone everyday to recoup my energy. After a full day of dealing with students, staff and parents I am absolutely exhausted.
I hope through reading more about it I can learn to make the most of my introvertedness (thanks for that term Lisa!:) as it's not a curse - it can actually be a blessing in many ways. I'll let you know what I discover!

@Louise - it's only $4.00 for movies on Tuesdays unfortunately so we try to take advantage of that when we can!