Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Spending Plan

Before I head to the basement to do more purging I though I'd give you an update on my Christmas spending plan. Oh, and by the way, just to clarify the $1378 (lower now!) I have left in my account is not just for Christmas and gifts, it's also for living on for the rest of the month: groceries, gas, entertainment (dining out, movies, wine, coffee, newspapers), clothing, gifts, and misc expenses. 

So what I did is I made a list, well a chart actually, of all of the upcoming expenses (groceries, gas, entertainment, gifts, postage, shipping costs etc etc) and estimated a hopefully reasonable amount for each item. For example, I estimated $100 for a duvet or comforter for Kazi's new bed. And so on. When I was finished I had around $200 left as a buffer zone. I was pretty pleased. Even if I stick fairly close to the estimated amounts I should have a little bit of money left at the end of the month...maybe! comes the best part...I challenged myself to see if I could come in under budget on most items (I won't scrimp on groceries during the Christmas week!!) and if I did come in under budget whatever $$ I have left at the end of the month will go into an envelope earmarked for my iPad. Yes, I have decided I will buy one but not until I have saved $600 (iPad, cover/stand & tax). 

I'm happy with my solution and my challenge - I do love a challenge. Already I've come in under budget for a couple of items - here's our Christmas tree!

HAH! Just kidding!

BUT I went to Jysk after work yesterday and found the perfect bedding for Kazi's new queen-size bed!! She's a bit fussy - doesn't want patterns, doesn't want bright colours (when I asked her what colour she did want she said..."well, I like beige"!! - so I think she will LOVE what I found - a beyootiful beige microfiber blanket, a satiny luscious chocolate brown (or dark beige!!) bedspread and two matching chocolate brown pillow cases. Michael purchased a set of chocolate brown flannel sheets. My portion of the bill came to $70.00, so there is $30 saved already!!

I will tell you the rest of my economies later, the siren of the basement is luring me to come hither, or is that thither? 

Hope your Saturday is bearing fruit!!


Michelle P said...

I bought a charlie brown christmas tree this year in addition to our normal one. Love it!

Anonymous said...

The bedding sounds lovely! And get to the basement before the feeling wears off and don't forget to take pictures

B-Kat said...

Great idea to fund the iPad! I'm trying to find my Chrismas spirit...maybe it's in my basement, in a box that needs to be cleaned out :p

Mark said...

Hey, what's wrong with your money? It's not green! Oh, that's right, you one of "those" people. That's okay, I got one of you upstairs right now. He's alright.
Anyway, I can't wait to see her new bed linens. They sound FABULOUS!

Anonymous said...

If you're getting an iPad, does that mean I can get an iPhone - I really (really) want one and I've been a good budgeter this year?! :)

Lisa said...

I so want an ipad!! I love how you can just write what you are thinking! It definitely makes me laugh! Good luck with the basement Jane!

Suzy said...

wow that bedding in dark purple, blue or read and I'd be in luv! need a picture of it on the bed! I have one she's love - my mom picked it out when I first moved here - it's a light beige but has a bit of shimmer without being too much - didn't like it much at the time LOL but I put it on here and there - usually have one of my quilts on it but it's nice for a different look - more elegant I guess!
good for you on the ipad - maybe you'll get one from Santa!

~Carla~ said...

Good luck saving for your iPad!! I love mine!! Save your pennies and you'll get one before you know it!! The bedding sounds gorgeous!

Sharon said...

My daughter has an Ipad, they are cool! You can do it Jane! I just know you'll have one by January!! :)!