Sunday, December 11, 2011

Brighton, Ontario

The second stop on my cycling journey is Brighton, Ontario. My friend and fellow teacher, Christy, told me about some of the best stops along my route.  So, before I arrived in Brighton I stopped near Colborne, ON and this is what I saw!!
 It's the world's biggest apple!
 Holy moly - that's a lot of apple!
So of course I had to try their very own apple crumble - you know it takes a lot of energy to peddle away down in my basement on Hwy 401!! Nudge, nudge, wink, wink!

Fortified for my journey I continued on to Brighton and spent some time enjoying beautiful Presqu'ile Provincial Park - you know how much I LOVE the great outdoors and this park is also a bird sanctuary!
 Isn't it gorgeous??
 Barred owl - so cute! So serious...
And a lighthouse!!
Now into Brighton itself!
 If only I had the time and $$ for shopping - I would definitely check out The Clan Shoppe!
 A very quaint Main Street! Much preferable to the usual mall experience!
 I'm the sort of person who LOVES museums - I checked out the Memory Junction Railway Museum and...
the Proctor House Museum.

Of course by then I was hungry (again) so on Christy's recommendation I dined at Dougall's by the Bay so I could sit by Lake Ontario and drink in the booze errr view! Yes, the view!
 Brighton's harbourfront.
Dougall's by the Bay restaurant.

And this is what I saw:
Simply divine!

Of course no visit to Brighton, ON would be complete with a visit to our very own Canadian financial guru - Gail Vaz-Oxlade!! I asked her if she had any tips she could pass along for the Christmas season and here is what she said:

"Do you buy expensive wine because you think they taste better? Save yourself some money: $20 is about as much as you need to spend to get a great bottle of wine. And there are $10 bottles that taste great too! And if you’re going to be drinking all night, start with a more expensive $20 bottle, and then switch to the cheaper stuff later in the evening. Most people won’t notice."

Heh, heh - "drinking all night"...she's MY kind of gal!!

Funny that! I recently read in the National Post about quite a few red wines that cost less than $10 and taste great!  So far I've tried two of them and they each cost only $6.95!  I found them very palatable:)

Here they are: (in the Italian red section)

  • Citra Sangiovese T Di Chieti
  • Casal Thaulero Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon
So, after Gail and I shared a bottle of each (ha ha no we didn't.......................we each had our OWN bottles!!) I got back on my bike and wobbled on down to Hwy 401! 

Next stop - Trenton, Ontario!!


  1. Welcome to Brighton!!!

    I hope you enjoyed your visit ;)

  2. After that full bottle of wine, I hope you made it home ok! ;)

  3. What beautiful pictures! Now hurry up and get to philly so we can have some fun! Love the picture at the top to....

  4. My MIL grew up on a farm near Picton which is near Trenton. I know it may add a bit to your biking but I would suggest popping down to Sandbanks Provincial Park, we went once and it reminds me of PEI :) just google images and you'll see what I mean.

  5. Oh yay you are almost here! It will be nice to have a visitor!

  6. gosh I better start peddling! I wasn't planning to start til after the holidays though...I may have to refigure my mileage - for every mile Iw alk it's 100,000 miles in map distance! :-)

  7. Love the new blog picture! Can't wait to see you hit Florida!

  8. Brighton looks lovely!
    Jane, I got my Christmas card today, thanks so much for your lovely note ((hugs))

  9. You are so welcome Louise!!

    Little Lamb - I'll be in Trenton tonigt - anything I should see?

  10. CRAP. I'm still stuck in Virginia. There must be something wrong with my mode of transportation. (The couch). Thank you for sharing your pictures though. Perhaps I'll get to Washington, DC by 2012. (30 miles away)!

  11. Hi Jane.... send me your email and I'll give you a list of things to see and do while you are here. :) canadianbunny at gmail dot com


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