Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This is what my...

brain looks like:
Sorta pretty isn't it? A pretty little muddle of random thoughts, random and disorganized thoughts...random, disorganized and overflowing thoughts...you get the picture. Those of you who also have an ADD brain will understand.

It's as if Christmas were only 11 (almost 10) days away and I still had a million things to do and no time to do them in. Oh, wait a minute...that's real...rats.

Ok, focus Jane...

I thought I would do a financial update since almost 2 weeks of December has gone by in the blink of an eye but to do that I'd have to be organized and to be organized I'd have to feign an illness and stay home from work for the next 8 days and THAT ain't gonna happen so neither is the financial update!

Basically it all boils down to one very significant number this month - I call it the BUFFER amount. (I kinda like this strategy - I might use it every month!) I like having just ONE number to think about - sure makes budgeting a much more streamlined process. 

My BUFFER amount is the amount of $$ I have left after everything else is paid (I used estimates for all the gifts I needed to buy, the cost of the Xmas tree, dinner out, wine, groceries, savings, debt repayment, baking supplies and a million other expenses particular to this month).  On Dec. 1st my buffer amount was $245. Over the past 13 days I have added and subtracted from that amount about 100 times. If my hydro bill was less than my estimate I added the overage to the BUFFER. If a gift cost more than my estimate I subtracted from the BUFFER.  

This is the ONLY number that matters this month - and right now it stands at.....$220!! Not bad eh? BUT, still 2.5 weeks left to the month! I am highly motivated because whatever is left in the BUFFER zone goes into my iPad envelope which right now only contains $15 (I found $5 in a coat pocket and saved $10 in change). Once I have $600 saved I will buy my iPad!! It's going to take a few months to come up with $600 as I do zero-based budgeting and my pay goes way down Jan. 1st due to certain payroll deductions starting up again. But that's ok, it's worth waiting and saving for. 

Hey - see how well I can focus when it's something I'm interested in? Typical ADD!


~Carla~ said...

So far, so good!! :) You're going to LOVE your iPad!! Save those pennies!! It's worth it!!

Lisa said...

I might have to save my pennies for an iPad too..... I a little iPad envy going on here :)

Oh, I so understand the brain picture. I have to tell myself to focus, focus or I get lost on a tangent.

Anonymous said...

My hubby is saving for an ipad also. I hear they are great!

Anonymous said...

That's how my brain felt a few weeks ago - it's passed now thankfully!
Keep your eyes on the iPad prize! :)

Sharon said...

Um, I'm right there with you except I can't do anything until the floors are finished. Sigh. I'm actually doing okay moneywise...just found an area rug for $190.00! Not $600.

Here's hoping for a Christmas windfall so you can get that IPAD!

Mark said...

You're all adults in your Family. Just push Christmas to mid January and you'll have more time. Plus, you'll get everything cheaper.
You're welcome!

Michelle said...

Hubs and I don't do the gift giving at Christmas. We do everything but that. He asked me years ago if we could just do Christmas without the stress of shopping and I've not had a problem agreeing with that. It's low key, our budget isn't strained and we'll eat turkey, boogie to a Christmas tune and enjoy a quiet season at home.

Too many people running around like chickens with no heads.

I'd love an iPad but I'm afraid I would have to win it.