Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wacky Weather


Last year at this time: SNOWMAGEDDON! 

 The record snowfall during the first week of December resulted in schools being closed for an unprecedented 3 days in a row!
 By week's end I had lost all hope as the snow crept up to the top of the fence!

The city used up its entire snowplowing budget in one month!

To this year's weather: Rain rain go away!

 Flooded parks, flooded basements (my brother's not mine)...imagine if this was all SNOW??
 Friday temperatures went up to a record 15c (that's 60F)!!
 Unfortunately plants are getting a little mixed up - here's a snapdragon blooming in my front garden and...
the snowdrops think it's an early spring!

A happy median would be perfect!  A few inches of snow, crisp temperatures and lots of sunshine. 

I'll be back later with Sunday Night Chit Chat, courtesy of CARLA!


Sharon said...

I'm thrilled there's no snow...and I don't care if it doesn't snow for Christmas...I guess I had too much of it two years ago...:)!

Enjoy the weather, because I'm sure in your neck of the woods you'll be getting the lions share of snow!

Christy said...

Yes the weather has been crazy. I saw someone walking a dog today in a t-shirt - in December!!! We haven't had the rain here though that you have. We had one really wet day last week and that's been it.
I am not going to complaing about the lack of snow and my heating bill has sure appreciated it.

Lindy Mint said...

I hear this winter is a La Nina winter, which means warmer and wetter. We've been having the same situation here, though 60F is when it finally starts feeling "cold" to us. :)

Suzy said...

it's raining here and supposed to be around 32 tues night - high in the 60's all week(F not C degrees!) yep this crazy weather messes with the plants big-time - Texas weather has always been a little nutty (if you don't like the weather wait an hour and it changes) but now it's super crazy - all summer not a drop of rain and all those wildfires and ground it's raining and cooler.

Out My window said...

Don't worry it will come!

Jane said...

@ Sharon - I could handle a winter with no snow, but that's not gonna happen!
@ Christy - yes, my heating bill hasn't gone up yet - have hardly had the heat on at all!
@ Lindy Mint - I just took a drive outside the city for a couple km to drop off some Household Hazardous Products and all of the fields are under water. It hasn't stopped raining for two days...if this rain was all snow we'd have several feet by now.
@ Susanna - you never seem to get the rain when you really need it!
@Kim - I know, I know!