Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Trenton, Ontario - What's not to LOVE??

You are in for a treat today my friends. All of you know Little Lamb who wants to be debt free? Well, she lives in Trenton, Ontario and has provided me with a wealth of information about her great city and surrounding area. I have to admit to a little jealousy, as this is one of the most beautiful spots in all of Canada and well, all of Canada is pretty darn amazing so I am giving Trenton a HUGE compliment!

After I'm done sightseeing and going for a run with Little Lamb perhaps I can persuade her to splurge on a meal at Tomasso's where I hear the bruschetta is to die for AND they serve up a mean dish of jambalaya which I LOVE! 

After I've cycled on through Trenton I'll be heading southeast into the United States - first stop will be Philadelphia - the City of Brotherly (or in this case sisterly) Love to see Judy!

But first - TRENTON!!

There is so much to see and do! First up the National Air Force Museum to view the "Halifax", a WWII bomber that lay submerged at the bottom of Norwegian Lake Mjosa for over 50 years and then exhumed and lovingly restored by over 100 volunteers.

Now THAT's cool!!
 Fishing in the idyllic Bay of Quinte!
This is the world famous Bleasdell Boulder - yes, it's HUGE!! which sits in this location after being carried a great distance by glacier thousands of years ago. 
 The Trent-Severn gateway: also known as the gateway to "Canada's Playground"!! Sounds like fun!! I wanna play! Oh rats, it's winter!
 Lake on the Mountain - this mysterious lake with an unknown fresh water source sits 60+ metres above the Bay of Quinte and defies all known geographical logic! Mohawk Indians believed that spirits lived in the deep waters and early settlers believed it to be bottomless!
A panoramic view of Trenton and area from the top of Mount Pelion (let me tell you I'm glad this is a "virtual tour" and that I didn't have to actually walk up all of the steps in order to see this!!

Ahhhh, remember summer? This is one reason why this is Canada's playground!
Snowmakers hard at work...whoosh!! Did you just see me fly by on my skis?? No? 
Pay better attention!!  This is where Little Lamb goes with her running group - yes they run on HILLS! 
 I don't know how Little Lamb knew my favourite food is icecream but it is and at Slickers they make homemade icecream! She recommended either Campfire (tastes like burnt marshmallows - oh yeah!) or Apple Pie...decisions, decisions...

I LOVE chocolate AND nuts so the Chocolate Almond is tempting but then so is the Banana Pecan Pie with Caramel or Oh Henry goes Camping!! Perhaps a scoop of each! Ok...where are my running shoes??

And now for the grand finale! Little Lamb also reminded me that Trenton Air Base receives all of our "repatriated soldiers" and that Trenton is the beginning of our Highway of Heroes. I'm familiar with Trenton also because Michael's son, Dane, is a firefighter on the base. We're glad he's based here in Canada where he's safe and well-cared for. Other families with sons and daughters, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters in the military aren't always so lucky. 

The Highway of Heroes is a grassroots patriot "happening" that has become a matter of fierce pride among Canadians. We are known as being rather reserved and quiet about our nation's contributions to peacekeeping missions etc across the world but we LOVE and RESPECT our heroes. 

Take a look: (you'll need a kleenex)

Thanks Little Lamb for an in depth look at your part of the world. I truly appreciate it!


  1. Looks like you got the grand tour of Trenton!

    Some teachers and I are headed to Tomassos for dinner on Friday night. I can't wait! I love their chicken tortellini :)

  2. YYYAAAAAYYY Im next! Oh I have so much to plan

  3. Looks like a fabulous trip out to see Litte Lamb! :) I love these posts, Jane!

  4. after Philadelphia......Cape May!!!

  5. So glad you were able to stop by and fit so much in your visit! It was a great time! Hope you have a wonderful time visiting Judy. Looking forward to seeing all the great things in Philly.

  6. It's like a geography lesson. We know so little about Canada here in the U.S.A. We are such.....(fill in the blank)

  7. I love reading all about where everyone lives! this was a great idea Jane, I wonder where you'll be spending Christmas?

  8. I wanna Bomber now too! After this comment, I'm going to go check in the Susquehanna and see if I can find one.

  9. I think that you are going to be very disappointed when you finally make it to Antioch. We have had 2 teacher arrested and that is about all we have here. Hmmmm, might want to by-pass us!

  10. Jane,
    What a nice tribute to Trenton. It is such a lovely place. My Aunt and Uncle had a beautiful house overlooking the water which we just loved to look out their giant size windows and watch all the activity.
    They use to have a cheese factory and of course Bata shoes was once a big factory in Trenton till they closed.
    I love your little stories on some great Canadian places as you visit all your blogger friends.


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