Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yowzers! June is Half Gone! (kinda like me!)

The end is near, it is in sight, there is a light at the end of the school hallway! Oh, that's the fire alarm flashing....(those graduating students get up to the craziest antics, I tell you!)...and it is beckoning me, closer and closer to FREEDOM, one long day at a time. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful to have a stable job in these days of high unemployment, but the last couple of months I have been more stressed out than a one-armed wallpaper hanger with a bad rash! 

Really though, the days are flying by, almost too quickly! It's getting difficult to enjoy each day as so much time is spent thinking about and making preparations for PEI travel day only 2 1/2 weeks away! Not to mention report cards, classroom cleanup, prep for next year...

How are the finances doing? So glad you asked!  Let's have a look see at the first two weeks of June, shall we?  Today is payday, and I've made lots of payments...easy come, easy go! Now you see it, now you don't!

Already I realize I forgot to post a bill to my  We just got the car checked over from stem to stern and shelled out $167 and change for an oil change and a link assembly kit (?)...darn potholes!! I was quietly relieved....             

....because I thought for sure we'd need brake work and perhaps some new tires. But we've been given the green light to drive Cora Cobalt out east adding at least another 5,000km to her odometer. 

What else...oh I paid an extra $100 on my line of credit bringing it to an even $41,000. When I get the rest of the $$ owed on the trailer I'll knock off a few more grand. For now that's $15,000 paid off since last September!! I'm hoping to reach $20,000 paid off by September. Interest rates will soon be going up so it's becoming increasingly important to get debt PAID DOWN!!

Food is on track for the month though I'll be buying a No Frills grocery card for Kazi so she can buy what she needs while we're away (and hopefully remember to feed the cat too!)  Housing is much higher than usual as I paid over $500 on my PEI property taxes (with another payment due the end of August and November (though not for that much).  

Misc is higher than usual as I splurged at a thrift store for some summer duds to take east - I now have EVERYTHING I need clothing-wise except for a hat to keep my nose from looking like a boiled lobster!  Oops, too late....

Savings are up-to-date and I've transferred what remained in my trailer fee account to the PEI property tax account as I won't have to pay that HUGE fee anymore!!  I am going to rename the Trailer Fee account the Maintenance account and start saving the recommended 3% annually for PEI house repairs. I was just about to say I have "everything covered" but that would just be tempting Murphy and Lord knows I don't want to do THAT!!

I'm happy to report that since NAGGING my family about electricity useage our bill dropped by almost $20 from last month; HOWEVER, our minimal but necessary use of central air isn't reflected on THIS bill, that will show up on July's bill, with no doubt lots more added to it! 

We've also tried to be more "thoughtful" when using Cora for driving to work and to do errands by combining several trips into one to reduce the cost of gas and we're doing really well on that, so thanks Michael and Kazi!! I think we're doing awesomely well sharing one car between three adults with their 5, yes FIVE, jobs!! Oh, and Cora thanks you too!

Well, that about wraps it up for today. Oh yeah, I printed off the forms I need to have my payroll deposit switched to ING where I opened up a fee-free chequing account. They are going to give me $100 for the switch.  Then I'll have to gradually switch all of my automatic bill payments over, some other day though, not today...I've done enough for one ....see ya...


  1. WOW I am impressed!!! You have everything so nicely organized and in order.

    I thought when I took the van in for inspection they were going to tell me I need all of this stuff but I didn't.

    I love my ING account fact my middle daughter who just turned 18 is opening one this week(when I get to


  2. Wow, $20,000 in a year. Even at $15,000 you're a superstar.

    I'm glad nagging paid off. I am on my own nagging adventure right now. "can you please turn off the TV, IF YOU'RE NOT WATCHING IT!!"

  3. Thanks Jane, I meant to check into ING checking, I would LOVE to get an extra $100 to do that....the reminder is just what I needed! :)!

    Congrats on paying so much down on the line of credit! At that rate it will be gone before you know it!

  4. Yay for Cora's "considerate" maintenance bill! Yay for paying down your debt so much! Yay for the last day of school! And Yay for the banking bonus (you just reminded me that I forgot to list a small snowflake - half the size of yours. I think I'll list it when it happens so that may be next month.)

  5. Great, great progress Jane! $20k in a year would be brilliant!

  6. Central Air? Aren't you in Canada or someplace equally as cold?
    Your Friend, m.

  7. that is an amazing pay down! I love it!!!!

    so excited for you & your summer break! we are so loving ours right now!!! it was so much needed ;)

    and great job on the nagging!!! it has paid off for sure!

  8. I am just barely paying over the interest on a line of credit, but soon, hopefully by early next year I will be knocking that down as hard as you are. Congratulations! PIE. Here you come! I can hardly wait for you.

  9. I think everyone gets excited about summer vacation and the closer it gets the longer the days seem.
    Hope you have a great summer break.


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