Saturday, June 18, 2011

Too Tired for Words

 Hmmm, I guess I'm never TOO tired for words hahahah!  Here's Michael (oolala!) and our fearless leader Debra.  She is a cancer survivor and we walked for her and many many others. We managed to stay on the track all night (7pm to 7am) with short breaks for food, coffee (lots of coffee) and of course after the coffee - bathroom breaks:) 
 Michael is holding our mascot - Audrey the care bear. She is named Audrey because Michael didn't wear his glasses when reading her tag - it actually read "Air dry"! Bwahahahahahahaha!  We go a lot of attention thanks to Audrey...
 or perhaps it was Michael's legs!!!!
 Or it could have been because I was voted "most boob-a-licious!  
 Oh, how I love irony!
 Waiting for the event to begin!
 Getting warmed up - shake that booty!
 And off we go!! Having a walking buddy really helped!  I switched to comfy pj's for the looooooong walk! If you would like to hear more about the "pj incident" read to the bottom of this post.

I have posted a TON of photos on Facebook.
If you would like to see them send me a friend request -
Jane Harrison
London, ON
I am way too tired to repost them all here.
We went to bed at 8am this morning after completing about 200+ laps. We stopped for a few minutes here and there for food, COFFEE and pee breaks but otherwise walked continuously. Every part of my body aches and my eyes are trying to close. BUT, we had an absolute BLAST and I would do it 
again in a New York minute.


  1. I'm tired too - I understand! Looks like fun; you both look good in pink; tell Michael that he looks just fabulous in that dress... :o)

  2. LOVE the pics!! Congrats on a job well done! Gotta be honest, I think Michael should have got the "boobalicious" title! ;)

  3. You are just plain awesome Jane!! And Michael's not bad either! :)!

  4. TOO FUNNY! Audrey. Air Dry, I am going to use that! I am proud of you, I lost a sister to breast cancer. So it means a lot that you do this.

  5. How fun, and for such a great cause. Enjoy your rest and don't wake up too sore!

  6. I absolutely LOVE Michael's spirit. He just seems to make life fun. My guess is so do you. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh my! You guys are so fun. Thanks for the ab workout, I am giggling so hard.

  8. Love those pics. Is Michael going to wear his pink skirt here on PEI? I think the locals would be quite impressed!
    I know I'm impressed by your dedication to the cause, good for you guys!

  9. Good for you!!! YOu guys are amazing!! And Michael is too cute in the skirt.

  10. What a fantastic outfit. Okay yours looks super comfy but Michael really takes the cake here. Hope your catching up on some much deserved sleep!

  11. These pictures made my heart smile. Is it the 3-day walk for the cure?

  12. I love your jammys!! And Michael looks great too! You two are always having fun!!

  13. I love the pictures! That's so wonderful. You guys make a great team :)


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