Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Has Anyone Seen Jane?

One source of amusement around our house is the number of cards I get from Bell Canada who never stop trying to regain my business. Ever since I switched our home phone to Rogers, Bell has inundated me with an array of creative and downright funny little cards and letters. (Yes, we are easily amused!) (Dear Bell: just keep the $$ you spend on all of those cards and we'll be even!) (They also call me about 10,000 times a day - thank goodness for call display!)
(Do you love brackets as much as I do?) 

I open the envelopes from Bell to reveal a card with the following questions all revolving around the same theme: "Jane, where have you gone?" "Has anyone seen Jane?" "Since you've been gone things just haven't been the same..."

Well, I'm still here although to tell the truth I've had a few days when I wished I could just totally disappear.  If only I could just close my eyes, twitch my nose like Samantha in "Bewitched" and find myself all alone on a deserted island with a hot bartender! THAT will just have to wait until July, tee hee!

But as a quickie update I'm posting a few pictures for your viewing pleasure to show just a few place where I've recently "been "seen"!

Rumour has it that I was seen in Wortley Village last Saturday holding a yard sale. We covered and uncovered all of our stuff about 5 times due to rain, then the sun came out and stayed out. Can you find me??

Here I am!!
We sold a lot of stuff!
I gave away some stuff too, it just felt right.

Like that guy I'm helping. He could barely speak English and
he had a LOT of kids so I gave him some extra stuff, why not?

Here I am with a lovely ceramic beer stein that I  have absolutely no memory of acquiring - how do we accumulate SO MUCH USELESS CRAP???
I still have said beer stein so if you want it I'll mail it to you!
Interesting story: I had 2 other sterling silver beer steins (belonged to my ex - I only know that for certain because they were engraved!!) and someone bought them to be used as props in a play - how cool is that!
I want THAT job!

And here is the ever charming Michael holding a collectable AVON cologne thingy in the shape of an old car. He has a LOT of those useless items.

While I was holding a yard sale in front of my brother's house he (my brother, he of the peace sign) was at the annual Gathering on the Green being held a block away hawking his handcrafted bird houses.
Don't ya love his Birdy B & B??
I can take orders!!

We had a lot of traffic because of the Gathering on the Green.
Jane - where have you gone?

Here's one place I wish I hadn't gone!!
On Sunday Michael and I headed out of town to go for a hike out at Longwoods Conservation Area. First we laid out a blanket and had a picnic lunch. That part was OK.
Then we headed to one of the many trails.  It was very wet and marshy. Within seconds I was attacked by mosquitoes the size of Boeing 747's and twice as loud. They were ferocious!
I became a bug buffet!!
I tried to tough it out by swinging my arms wildly but I just about knocked myself out and I didn't want to risk falling and being carried off Lilliputian style because then you really would be asking "Where's Jane?"
So I beat a hasty retreat!!

Iroquois village at Longwoods
"Where's Jane?  She's being scalped!!"

Oh phew...there I am.  Monday was a rough day at work so I hung out for the night at the restaurant where Michael works. He brought me glasses of cold white wine, spicy split pea soup with warm cornbread and sweet potato fries. I read some articles that I had sent to my Kindle and took some photos and basked in the glow of comfort food, wine and good company:)
Thanks my WMH!
(You'll have to figure out what WMH stands for!)

A reflection of a building seen out the restaurant window.

Love the "warped" effect.
This is the sky Tuesday morning at 6:30am when I left for work.
Fascinating, no?
An incredible thunderstorm had just ended with quite a bit of damage done around the city, trees down, hydro out in some areas.

Finally, I want to show you my latest acquisition!
A fellow London blogger, Carla, has recently ventured into the world of sewing - she buys the most gorgeous fabrics (I fell in love with the lily of the valley fabric!) and I had seen a lot of her creations on her blog so I knew she did great work! I asked her if she could make a "sleeve" for my Kindle and sent her the measurements. Within hours she emailed me a photo of the finished creation!  Very impressive!
Please check out her website and link to items for sale.
Carla - it was so great to meet you and your kids! I think it's so cool that we connected online, then in person:)

My Kindle sleeve has a button and elastic closure to hold it in place!
No worries now about scratching the screen.

It fits perfectly!!
My friends - I will catch up on all of your posts very soon. You can't (probably you can) imagine how much I miss reading your posts, I feel disconnected and out of touch! Please know that I am still thinking of you!  I'm not GONE, just out of sight!


  1. BELL misses me too! They send me notepads, pens, etc... In hopes of wooing me back by enticing me with useless crap I dont want/need. lol!!

    I remember those cologne bottles! My mom sold Avon when I was a kid, so we always had an abundance of "treasures" kicking around! lol!

    It was great meeting you too, Jane! You're such a warm, beautiful person! :) Thanks so much for the sweet comments!

  2. Sounds like a lovely time. I would have bought those beer steins for props!

  3. I'm glad you are still here.

    I love that you met up with Carla! I love the the Kindle case too.

    I love your writing you cracked me up multiple times while reading this.

  4. You made me laugh out loud - what a great way to start my morning! Have a wonderful, fantastic day!


  5. If you still have the Avon perfumes. Check online. A few years ago they were worth quite a bit of money. Apparently collector items. Btw, I love your blog!!!

  6. Really Jane? Are you really thinking about me? Because I don't think you are. I puposely post photos of black guys on my site just to get you(and my Mom) to visit and, nothing!
    Congrats on getting rid of stuff. Can you see now why I'm on a mission to clear out my house. It just holds you down, doesn't it. Okay, take it easy and I'll see you soon. m.

  7. Oh I so happy that you got to meet up with the talented Carla...and I'm glad that you're still here too :)

  8. I wish I could have attended your yard sale. It looked like fun.

    We ditched Allstate insurance for USAA instead (car insurance, I'm talking about) and Allstate sends us pleas to return to them weekly, it seems. Unbelievable how much money they waste on mailing costs! And I had to practically yell at them to please never call again, they were so obnoxious on the phone!

  9. You caught me while hungry - I have not eaten breakfast yet.

    "glasses of cold white wine, spicy split pea soup with warm cornbread and sweet potato fries. "

    I think I am going to drive up there just so I can join you for that. Sounds beyond dreamy. You hit on all my favorites (minus the wine, maybe - when you see my latest post you'll see my preferred beverage, but the food - oh, cornbread! Split peas! I thought no one else like that but me!)

  10. Another entertaining post, Ms. Jane!

  11. Jane, I'm just back from a two week blog vacation and it seems like many others have followed suit! So much spring clean up to do, inside the house and out and just a need to get out and enjoy whatever vitamin D we can scrape together. Hope you're feeling energized soon.

  12. Getting ready for my yard sale and did I see you selling bird houses?? I might sell a couple too,now you know that's a stretch for me..I found you behind the tree, ha, ha..we had a bad storm here too, Jim had hail out at work..flattened many of my iris..just a couple more weeks and you'll be as free as the breeze..say hi to the island for me..pipes are in for the heat pump sister

  13. I have to guess on the WMH

    Warm, Masculine, Hunk
    Witty, Mysterious, Hunny
    Welcome Me Home

    Have a great day!

  14. Dont worry I wont tell them where you are...


  15. I wish I could disappear too, but the kids keep finding me.

    For ages, Bell has been trying to get me back as a customer. When they call, I tell them the only way they could get my business back is to give me free services (phone, internet, satellite and fax line) for 3 years, otherwise I'm staying put. It usually stops the calls for awhile!

  16. Ah, now I'm jealous. I want to meet all of you guys in person too! Maybe someday...

    Thanks again for making me smile with your funny posts...and I'm glad you are not missing.

  17. You are so funny. Thanks for sharing what you've been up to while you've been away. Enjoy your weekend of rest! (PS: I am getting quite a big pile of useless crap in my garage too. I have no idea where it all came from.)


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