Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yard Sale

No pics to share yet, well I have lots and some from today but I haven't uploaded yet from my camera because in this chaos I call home the camera cord is hiding somewhere underneath the remainders of today's yard sale. We did ok, I always hope to make an even $100 and we made over $180. That gets added to the Crofters Lane fund, in particular to the "gas" fund so we can make it out to PEI and back this summer, well, in exactly 27 days!! 

In our giddy moments of success today we said to each other, "let's do this again tomorrow!" Yeah, more money, more money.... But now, it's almost 10pm, my feet hurt, I've been up since 5:30am and the back is saying "sleep in, sleep in!"  I think I'll give in to my feet and back and the need for some major shut-eye.  

We're sitting in the back yard, it's dark but we've got many candles on the go, the Beatles are playing on my computer, we're sipping little snifters of scotch and have our feet up. Oh, now it's "Lady Jane" by the Stones...even better! I always pretended Mick was singing to me! 

I think I'll play some mindless Spider Solitaire and unwind from a VERY busy day. I'm working on a personal $$ challenge for June and so far it's going really well; I'll try and post about that tomorrow. Oh yeah, about 2 hours into the sale this morning we had a lovely thunderstorm, complete with HAIL! We quickly threw tarps over everything and ran to the porch. Within 15 min. or so the rain ended, and we went back to work. Eventually the sun came out and I have the red nose to prove it. 

See y'all tomorrow! Hope your weekend is full of fun and laughter and NO WORRIES!


  1. $180 is a major score! Enjoy your scotch.

  2. $180 ain't so bad! ;) Better than $100 right? Sounds like you're going to have a nice relaxing night... Enjoy!

  3. Good job. Every little bit counts!

  4. wish I'd got in on my friend's garage sale a few weeks ago - I knew she was wanting to have one but had no idea when until it was a day before! m junk probably wouldn't sale though!

    Susanna who's still having trouble posting on some blogs - won't even let me do anonymous on the we may be poor but we're happy blog! at least I can rad it though!

  5. Sounds like great success! $180 is nothing to sneeze at for sure!

  6. Your evening sounds most wonderful. Nice haul at the yard sale.

  7. Good job, sounds like a lovely weekend especially the resting part!


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