Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Lately I've been finding it hard to make time to write, and then when I do have some time I don't feel in the right mood. We had an incident at school last Friday and two of my staff were injured (severe bites)! Both had to leave school to seek medical attention. Their union is involved and morale is low so getting through yesterday was a real struggle.

I'm also trying to plan a grad party for my two graduating students for this Friday and with all the meetings I've been having it's been darn near impossible to get anything done. Not to mention that it's year end, lots of paperwork and preparing for next year. To top that all of there is still the issue of a redundancy hanging over our heads - the educational assistant is grieving it but the wheels are moving incredibly slow. That doesn't help morale either.

So, right now I'm just hanging in there. I have a lot of things I want to write about but I'm dragging my butt around these days. Hopefully things will get resolved and we can all move on.

Til then...


  1. Jane, hang in there.

    I'm sorry to hear about all the troubles. It's sad that what should be an exciting happy time is getting turned into super stress. I'll be sending good vibes your way.

  2. Wow. It sounds like a dangerous place to work...

    You do so much, Jane, I'm hoping morale gets better. I've been finding the patience level in my children's schools is getting fried. Short nasty replies, easily angered, teachers are antsy, students are antsy... it's time for summer vacation...

    Try to concentrate on PEI (for sanity purposes!)...and hope that the next couple of weeks goes as smoothly as possible.

  3. lanniedee says: Sorry you are having a rough patch.. Try and go to sleep thinking of Crofter's Lane and perhaps it's time for a litany of "I'm thanful for"..Hang in there, you always make it through, even tho your feet might be dragging..be kind to yourself! love Sis

  4. I'm sure you'll get your mojo back soon. You just need a little rest. Hopefully you didn't bite your staff too hard.
    Your Friend, m.

  5. I had to read this twice - BITES????? Oh my, this is not good. Do you guys work with young kids too? I thought they were all teenage. Hope everyone is okay.

  6. Don't worry about not having the time we will always check back in for the latest up-dates.
    Hope things work out at work. Not nice to be bitten and have to seek medical attention.

  7. I just found your blog today and started to read from the beginning.
    i know its something really personal but may i ask how much did you pay for croster lane? Im just curious how much costs a beautiful house like yours.

  8. (((Jane))) Hope things look up for you soon! Your job must be so stressful some days... just keep counting down the days till PEI, ;)

    Ps - Totally snorted at Marks comment! lmao!

  9. well hurry up and post 'cause I need stuff to read LOL! blogger is driving me nuts- guess I'll have to get my laptop set up again if I want to log on to my own blog!
    I sure couldn't do your job - don't think I'd make it til lunch in that job.


  10. oh no - I am sorry to hear that it is a tough time right now... I really hope things start looking up soon for you - sending happy thoughts your way

  11. Hang in there Jane....I hope things improve for you. :)

  12. My husband just finished his end of the year crush. I'm sending good vibes your way to make it through!

  13. End of the year at any school is tough. So much to wrap up and tensions get high. I think the kids feel it and then all ##$%@ breaks loose. Just close your eyes and think of your vacation. Hmmmm.....
    Sending you warm wishes.


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