Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Remixed and Revisited

Cover for Madonna's Remixed and Revisited CD
I've just finished having a long conversation with my educational my head.  Actually not so much a conversation as a diatribe...well, maybe not so much a diatribe as a tirade. Yeah, I think that pretty much describes it.  See... I can't really have this conversation with them as there are some grievances lodged with their union against the school board and every word I say gets analyzed, dissected and ridiculed. Yup, ridiculed.  And yes, these are grownups in the physical sense of the word. For the record, I just want to say that I am really really tired of all the excuses I "overhear" of why they can't do this part and that part of their jobs. Things that they said they could do when they were hired and HAVE to do as part of their job description.

Man, I'm really off track, I was going to talk about my financial goals in this post...and I will...I've just got to get this off my chest.  One of my students was sitting on the floor and didn't want to stand up and go out to the van that was waiting to take him home.  So a lift was required. can't lift because they have arthritis, one can't lift because 8 years ago she hurt her back lifting someone and was off school for 3 weeks and she doesn't want that to happen again and wreck her summer.  (Aside: has she bothered to get training so she can lift properly and thus not injure herself??? NO!)  And on and on it goes. Meanwhile poor Todd is sitting on the floor and the van driver is in a tizzy because she has to stay on schedule. Perhaps Todd could just spend the night at school so no one would have to be inconvenienced!

Out of 6 EAs I have TWO who do all the lifting and restraining----TWO!!! And one other one who will sometimes lift and rarely restrain.  Of the two who WILL both do lifting and restraining (and without whining mind you) one injured himself playing soccer and the other one (my right hand woman) is posting out to another position because she is sick and tired of working with LAZY USELESS "colleagues", and I used that term loosely.  Huge sigh....

There...I feel better now.  Hopefully you're still with me and haven't moved on to the next blog to get away from this crazy shrieking maniac! (That's me by the way)

Ok, let's see if I can switch gears and talk about my Remixed and Revisited GOALS:

These goal bars are also available for your viewing pleasure a WAY down on my sidebar. So far down that I've forgotten to update them for a couple of months. A few things have changed over the past six months so one bar has been renamed and a couple of goals altered. I'm flexible that way:)

Saving is going well and I will reach several goals before the end of the year.  I lowered the goal on my RRSP because the only addition to that will be interest over the next few years until I begin to withdraw the money and put it in my TFSA instead (to avoid such high tax penalties).

I will reach my $2,000 EF goal by August and once I do I will set a new goal as I don't feel $2,000 is enough of a buffer.  I also lowered the goal on Christmas/Gifts as I have already used some of the money for Michael's birthday, a wedding gift and Kazi's birthday in Sept. I will have $1,000 by Christmas and that will be more than enough.

Having sold the trailer I did away with the Trailer Fee savings account and renamed it the PEI Home Maintenance Fund as I plan (at some point) to start saving so I have the recommended 3% annually of my home's value available for repairs and updates.

The PEI Insurance/Taxes is low right now as I just paid $522 in taxes on my PEI property but the saving continues. Between what I have to pay in taxes at the end of Aug. and Dec. and the home insurance renewal $1000 will cover it.

Big OOPS. I see I didn't type in LINE OF CREDIT for the last bar (red one at the bottom). My LOC sits at a nice even $41,000 right now and by the end of December should be at $30,000. The wheels are turning in my brain right now wondering if I could possibly pay off that $30,000 by Dec. 31, 2012 - if so, that would be one hell of a New Year's Eve partay!!

So, that's it for now. I think those adjustments should carry me through until Dec. 31st when once again I will Remix and Revisit!

Have you had to alter any goals so far this year??

Leaving you with a little Madonna. I'm not a fan but there are a few of her "older" songs that I find pretty catchy...

(Don'tcha just feel better after a bit of a rant?)


  1. I am sorry about your help. Here in the US aids that help are also known as lazy do nothings. No one wants the jobs as they are low pay and low status. Most of the women that take these jobs are trailer trash. I loved your trailer, but you know what I mean. Just low life low education. It is very hard. If you get a great aid they move on. I am so sorry you have to deal with this. But if they signed on to do the work, they need to do it. If they are injured they must move on. Can you give them walking papers? You need such good dedicated people to do what you do, so frustrating, I just want to go slap them for you!

  2. What kind of teach are you... sound like your what we would call a high needs teacher. As for the EA's I would lodge a complaint about them!!! Its ppl like that that give your profession a bad name!! BC they get lumped into the 'teacher' category... and I am sure you have hear all the ani-teacher rants.
    As for your finds Q... I have updated mine and adjusted them, I even got ride of a few (IE Cuba). You have too in order to keep up to date.

  3. You poor girl. Just stick with it and keep saving like you are and soon enough you will be able to escape.

  4. wow - with things how they are in the world, they should be happy they have jobs & be doing everything they can to ensure that they keep those jobs!

    good job on the goals sunshine! you are doing amazing!

  5. You women and your yakity yak yak yak. Honestly, I never ramble like that.
    Hey, I just stopped by to let you know that I had a hot guy visit my blog and leave a comment. Just thought you'd like to know.

  6. hugs..don't know what to say about the EAs - I know here companies cover their butts by saying we shouldn't do anything that will injure us yet come down on us if we don't do it. my job for instance says must be able to lift and carry 25 lbs - for 15 yrs we never did this then suddenly the ones who did the 50 lb lifts retired and we're down to one guy who's not too strong and one woman who likes to 'show off' and was doing it unsafely - we finally got the bosses to recognize that lifting 25 lbs briefly and infrequently wasn't the same as lifting 50 lbs overhead and out at arm's length at that height on a daily basis. Some of your students sound like they would take 2 or more strong adults to control. I know a friend of mine did home healthcare and she said if the person couldn't cooperate in a lift that they weren't allowed to pick them up after a fall and if it got to where they couldn't lift the person for the wheelchair, etc they reassigned them. But if the job says it's to restrain and do deadlifts then that's the job. I just wonder if they understood this when they went into this field since it sounds like the restraining and lifting may be hourly activities where ya'll are.

    I've changed financial goals this year - with my mom getting sick and all the dealing with that I got way offtrack with spending and paying off my car loan early. I was back on track for the end of this month then got hit with new tires, car repair, and flood insurnace premium due. I also recently caved on the exercise rebounder I wanted but I"m not sorry darn it! I'm targeting the end of August but will be happy if I"m done with the car loan the end of the year! I missed out on refinancing my house the end of last year/beginning of this year when the rates were really low but again not much I could do with all the uncertainty with my mom at the time. I also haven't done wll with making an official budget for each month and that's pure laziness I know :-(

    don't know what to tell yo u'bout the EAs and that situation but hey you're getting close to retirment girl and almost at PEI for the summer!!!


  7. I am sorry to hear about your "colleagues", I think jpkittie hit the nail on the head about with the way the economy is they should be forever grateful for having a job and do their best.

    You are doing do great with your goals,, it's nice to see!

  8. Thank you my friends, your comments really help me out. My viewpoint coincides with many of yours - that in this economy my staff should really be thankful that they have a job (and here in Ontario they get paid $20+ per hour plus really great benefits so this is no"joe-job" we're talking about here.
    Personally, when I go to work "I really go to work!" and don't accept anything but my best effort from myself. I don't appreciate working with a bunch of lazy "clock-watchers" who walk out when their day is done (2:15pm gee that's rough!)no matter what is going on. Someone could be bleeding to death at their feet and they would just step on over and out the door they go." The sad thing is...I'm not even kidding. I really wish I was.
    Five more work days to go.....

  9. It's frustrating to feel like your "team" isn't working together. I hope your rant got you through the week! As others have said-keep up the good work on your goals and you'll be able to live a life without such frustrations :)

  10. wow Jane they're doing NOTHING at all?! sheesh. at least everyone tries where I work - we can't all do the same physical stuff the same exact way but no one blows stuff off as not even caring.
    vacation is coming up for you SOON girl hang in there!



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