Monday, June 20, 2011

The Fun is Over

Well, not ALL the fun is over - just the weekend fun. Today I am back at school, still taking ibuprofin for aching muscles, but otherwise in one piece. We have 3 days of classes left, then exam week. My students come into my classroom during exam week so really I have 7 days left with my students.

This is just a short post for now, as staff and students will be arriving shortly. The sun is shining, and a breeze is blowing from the east today bringing with it a whiff of Prince Edward Island. Preparations are under way and I hope we can get everything finished before we head out. It will be a challenge for sure.

I hope Monday goes well for all of you, and I'll catch up with you after school (ooh, after my dentist app't!) Yuck!


Lisa said...

Good Luck at the dentist!!

Sharon said...

Jane, enjoy your last week of school.

I'm so looking forward to the summer. I wish both my husband and I had jobs that gave us the summer off. I'm sure we would find a way to have a house on the lake....:)!

Michelle said...

I sincerely hope the weather is kinder, gentler before your PEI arrival. We had quite the storm yesterday with hail, buckets of rain and strong winds. It was short but today is overcast and only 14 at 1 pm. The Island might have escaped yesterday's storm but they are seeking warmth and sunshine as well.

Meanwhile, Mr. Accuweather Blog Man for Canada is stating we're in for a hot summer with normal rainfall. I'm not holding my breath anymore. I'm just wanting my sunshine back. Feels too Wet Coast here.

Mark said...

Breathe! It's almost over. m.

Out My window said...

I can't wait until you get there! Who gets custody of Air dry?