Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sarah McLachlan in Concert!! Well worth the Wait!!

Great concert last night. Here's a video clip that I uploaded to Youtube then embedded here on  blogger because blogger wouldn't just let me upload it straight from my file, so I had to get wily, like wily coyote:)  The song is called "World on Fire" and is one of Michael's favourites.  I don't think his feet are back down on the ground yet - he so loves Sarah:) (He actually had a couple of teary moments but don't tell him I told ya!)  I'm sure the sound quality sucks but just play along with me and tell me what a great videographer I am:)

Blogger seems to be pissing off a LOT of people I know lately...what gives? I haven't been able to change my header picture for awhile because blogger kept saying I had used up all my photo storage...huh?  However, for a mere $5 a year I could purchase another 20G of storage, so like the impatient silly wench that I am, I went for it. Tada!  New header photo! This is a picture of the sunrise we watched as we wearily traversed around the track to raise money for cancer research.  This would have been around 6am after 11 hours of walking (and running like some silly people did! who shall remain nameless!)

So I also changed my profile picture after getting my new gigs of photo space. I couldn't just leave my photo as a pair of amazingly spiffy wellies now could I? You'd all forget what I look like! Hmmmm, note to self...this might actually be a good plan...10 years from now I'll still look the same in my readers' memories.....hmmmmm.....must rethink strategy...

Money news: nothing too earth-shattering going on in Jane's World of High Finance. I sent forms away to have my payroll deposit switched to my new FEE FREE ING Thrive chequing account as they are paying me $100 to do so.  I can't sneeze at 100 free bucks! Then I will gradually switch all of my automatic payments over and then I can close my TD account and be SERVICE CHARGE FREE too! That'll save me another $192 per year.  I'm a little peeved right now as I reconciled my account today because I seem to be short $60 and I CAN'T find it!! Me...a former head teller who used to be able to balance hundreds of thousands of dollars on a daily basis with her eyes closed and using her left hand on the adding machine!!  I hate it when I can't figure out my discrepancies. I'm sure it'll all work out in the end, it usually does, but until then PRAY for me....I need divine guidance.

Stupid money...


  1. I have wanted to see Sarah for years. I didn't buy tickets this time, because I was afraid our baby would come early and I wouldn't be able to go! Sounds like you had a wonderful time, which is lovely!

  2. I'm glad that you got to go! And I won't tell that your hubs teared up. I promise.
    Not much going on with me just telling everyone how nice their butt is!

  3. oh Jane! I know you'll find the money! But I understand your frustration! Glad you had a good time at the concert.

  4. Isn't Sarah McLachlan that chick who is singing during that commercial with all the abused animals? Yeah, I don't think I'm a fan. Every time that I hear her, I think of one eyed kittens.
    I paid that $5.00 too but it was well worth it since I post tons of photos. I guess I'll be paying again soon.
    Your Friend, m.
    p.s. Money is stupid!

  5. The secret to clarifying discrepancies is to get up and walk away. When you return and begin your once over you will find it. The mind is a strange thing, it can look right at the issue and still not see it.

  6. Sarah is great live in concert. I've seen her previously and had a wonderful time. Her voice is amazing!

  7. Yay, I'm glad you finally got to see the show. I loved hearing her bandmates play their songs too. Sarah does such a good job of creating a warm, intimate setting.
    I'll be praying you find that $60. :)

  8. Amazingly I still haven't hit my photo limit with Blogger but it happens to many people. I too will be paying my $5 when it finally occurs.


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