Thursday, June 16, 2011

This photo of the front step to my trailer porch has absolutely nothing to do with my post. Don't ask.
I'm about to head off to bed as I've been waking up at 4am every morning (work-related stress) and I'm dog-tired. Tomorrow I'm off to a day long PD session so a break from the stress! YES!
Then, around 5pm, Michael and I are heading up to the university to join our team who is running the Relay for Life to raise $$ for cancer research. It should be a blast (if I can stay awake) as our team of 11 people take turns running, jogging, walking, crawling around the track amidst a field of 100+ teams. It runs from 7pm to 7am...yes, we'll be up all night long.  There are tons of activities planned and prizes for best outfit, craziest hat etc (wait til you see what Michael is!!!) 

Me - I chose a very soft and cozy pair of pink pjs so if I need to crash for awhile in our tent I'll be all prepared. 

After I wake up on Saturday afternoon...night?? I'll post some photos. 

So...see ya later gaters!


  1. Good luck!! You'll do awesome I'm sure! :)

  2. Sounds like fun for a good cause. Have a great time and cant wait to see him



  3. have fun! havne't been able to post at work - dunno what's up with blogger but I'll try from home this time!


  4. oh I hope there's a photo of you in your pink pjs coming!!

  5. Getting ready for retirement sounds like too much work. m.

  6. Looking forward to seeing Michael in his outfit...have fun :)

  7. I would look at the 4am wake up as training for this weekend! You are a wonderful soul!

  8. what a great cause - have a great time!


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