Sunday, July 31, 2016

Walking on Marshmallows

Yesterday I helped a friend move. Well, partially move. We still have a lot to do today. Because I'm coddling my knee I just did some cleaning - no lifting other than a sponge! She wants to paint her kitchen so I'm wiping down cupboards and walls. I am happy to say my knee isn't as bad as it was. It's not completely healed either but I feel there is progress. Less than 4 weeks to take-off!

My partner in this adventure is Annie at Northern Living Allowance. Some of you know her and the rest of you should check out her blog. On my last post she mentioned some good walking shoes so I thought I would investigate.  And here they are:

Skechers Gowalk 3. They have memory foam or something - they are like walking on air! Oh, they call it "high rebound cushioning" - perhaps they'll help me walk! Thanks for the tip Annie! I found them at the Soft Moc store and they were on sale! I don't want to wear my hiking boots everywhere so these are my go to shoes when we are OFF the trail.

My legs look funny from this angle! They look so far away!

They have good tread on them too!

My other footwear will soon be getting some attention:


Well, that's my feet looked after. I'll be packing my hiking socks and liners, and an assortment of bandaids :) Still need to buy some foot lotion to pamper them with at the end of each day.

Any suggestions?

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