Saturday, July 9, 2016

Bat out of Hell

I set a world record yesterday.

This weekend is our annual Sunfest celebration where bands from all over the world come to play and food and craft vendors set up throughout our downtown park called Victoria Park. When I left to cycle to the park it was hot, humid and sunny.

After enjoying the music of "Jewish Monkeys", (not making that up!), hailing all the way from Tel Aviv, I decided to walk over to the main band shell to see who was playing there. Sorry to say I can't really remember much about this band, whoever they were, other than the lead singer had a bushy beard. That's because I became transfixed by the sky!

Suddenly day became night! As I had cycled to the park I knew I had to leave NOW! I wasn't the only one with that idea. I fought my way through the crowds til I could get on my bike and start to really move. I pedalled so hard I ended up with a kink in my right shoulder (??). Lightning was flashing and it started to rain, not too hard at first. The worst part was riding through a large soccer field (a short cut) where there were no trees and I was the tallest object! I hunched over the handle bars and pedalled even faster!

It started to rain harder. Close to home I stopped under a tree for a second to find my house key. I was thankful I wasn't being hit by hail and by this time the rain was really pouring down. I opened up the front door and fell inside, bicycle and all. Moments later the rain became torrential - I checked the windows and the basement floor, out of habit, and then nabbed a towel to dry myself off. It was good to be home!

I'm thinking maybe next year the Tour de France?

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