Friday, July 29, 2016

No Spends and Foto Friday (Hey, I remembered!)

It's a banner day when I can remember to do something on the proper day! Sooooooo, before I forget here is what was going on one year ago.

Lily doesn't drool when she naps but
she does let her tongue hand out!

Looks like a beach day at Pt. Stanley although the sky
looks a little threatening

Cloud porn

Big waves!

I got new patio furniture!

Lily says - "I smell ice cream!"

Getting a few licks in :)  This summer she
isn't interested. All the more for me!
No Spend Week: success!! I spent zero dollars all week except Monday when I spent $21 at the grocery store. That was the day before I decided to have a No Spend week. It was more like 3 no spend days. But what the heck! My account looks healthy again and I'm headed off to buy some euros!

I might just need to pick up some Heavenly Hash ice cream too! :)


SAM said...

Love your patio flag stone Jane (and new furniture). When we decide to get rid of our aging deck, I want to do a flagstone patio instead.

Kim said...

The patio, cats, ice cream, healthy bank account - life is good.