Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Packing it in...

I have to admit something here...I am a lousy packer. Last year there were tons of clothes I didn't wear...well, not tons, but close! And I'm dreading it this year. I wanted to take a smaller suitcase but how to fit in my hiking boots?

Last year I found I hated my rain pants so instead I wore the same moisture resistant pair of black hiking pants everyday. So the other 3 pair I didn't wear! I just wiped them down each night if they were dusty and put 'em on again the next day. Who's gonna know right? Well, Annie will but she's cutting back on the amount of clothing this year too. We're just both going to stink so be glad you're not coming with us. 

Here's a couple of useful items I found at the thrift shop. The jury is still out on whether I bring them or not. A pair of navy blue cargo shorts. I've been looking for a pair since my first trip in 2014. 

And a grey pair of water resistant pants. But, do I need two pairs? Not sure. Again, found these at the thrift shop.

Last year I took a number of T-shirts with me and never wore any of them.  I had a variety of tank tops, T-shirts and long sleeved shirts. I'll let you know what I've decided to take eventually. Last year I packed according to a you tube video I saw. It involved placing your clothing half in and half out of your suitcase and then folding them back over top of each other. It was like a jigsaw puzzle. I couldn't find the clothing I needed each day and I had to take the whole pile out and go through it everyday. It was a pain. Personally, I like rolling things the best. And I certainly don't travel with anything that requires ironing!!

The problem for me is I want to be prepared for the cold, the heat, the rain and all the different activities that we'll be doing. So I have to find a way to use the same clothes for everything - walking, hiking, cycling (hopefully),  sight seeing, eating out, shopping whatever.

What pointers have you got for me??

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