Monday, July 11, 2016

46 Sleeps until Ireland!

I should be ready to go in about a week! Hah! I like to prepare rather early for things - a friend of mine once said I'd be sitting in my coffin 6 months before I die! It's the teacher in me, I can't help it!

So I've starting getting things out of storage around the house as well as purchasing some new things. So far I've purchased FRESH NEW DEODORANT (your welcome Annie hee hee!), listerine, face wipes, and kleenex. Last year I took a cheap brand of tissues and they just didn't do the job. Annie had to loan give me a few out of her stash last year. I'm not sure why but our noses were really drippy up on the hills of Hadrian's Way. 

Every hike needs some trail mix! And no, not just for the smarties!!

I'll have to try these out with my hiking boots before I pack them. They're "runners" socks so they are very thick and soft. Hoping to avoid getting blisters this year. Yeah, right.

New undie dundies that are advertised as being able to wick moisture away from your skin. We shall see. I will say that they are extremely comfortable - made by Fruit of the Loom.

New sports bras - I prefer wearing T-back bras being the round-shouldered old biddy that I am, and a package of "light day" pads just because.

New T-shirts for $4.00 each - can't beat that price! I like to layer tank tops under T-shirts or long sleeve shirts so that as I warm up during the day I can peel off a layer. Or two.

A whole bunch of new tank tops - everything is fairly neutral so can mix and match.

Have also purchased blister bandaids and am considering buying this silicone-based stuff that rolls on to protect your skin in areas where you tend to get blisters. I have two toes that rub together on my right foot plus I had a doozy of a blister on the sole of one of my feet last year - will have to check photos to see if it was the left or the right! If this goo prevents blisters from forming it will be worth its weight in beer!!

During volleyball season I lost my favourite zip-up sweater with zip-up pockets. Well, not so much "lost" but forgotten. So I did a little thrifting and found a few replacements - I forgot to take photos of them so I'll show those on another day.

Getting forgetful aren't I?
But guess what? I'm not going to forget it's dinner time!!
See ya!


Kim said...

Wait a minute, are smarties what your neighbors to the south call M&M's (Candy shell covering chocolate)? Enjoy your trip. You're going to be doing that when I'm thinking "back to school". Ugh!

Anonymous said...

The blister roll on thing is actually magic- I've managed to avoid a few blisters with it- less annoying than the blister band aids.

@kim- smarties are similar to m&ms but are a different candy, available in the uk and Canada.

Softie said...

I wonder if you would mind sharing the brand of the sports bra. Im always looking for recommendations on good ones.