Saturday, July 23, 2016

In the Hot Seat...

In the hot seat, the hot couch, the hot name it, it's HOT! It's too flippin' hot to have the stove on even with the central air blasting away. So today saw me go to the grocery store in the a.m. before it got too hot so I could get the veggies I needed to make salsa (was out of green peppers), tortilla chips (to eat the salsa with!) and more onions. I think I have enough food on hand now to get through to the end of the month :) That's fantastic as I've gone over the food budget for July.
(Food budget is $280 and I've spent about $294).

Food just keeps getting more expensive around here. I had two plastic containers of veggie chilli in the freezer so I've thawed that too. I like using the chilli with a bunch of shredded romaine and/or broken tortilla chips (a great way to use up the crumbs from the bottom of the bag!), a dollop of sour cream or grated cheddar.

I just wrapped up an hour and a half in my kitchen creating said salsa and also did some devilled eggs and it's time for a cold drink. I notice a lot of people spell it as deviled eggs but that just doesn't look right to me. No alcohol in this drink - just some sparkling water with a dash of lime and lots of ice. I'll get to the alcohol later ;)

My patio is in shade 90% of the day (especially at night!) so I feel very fortunate that I can sit outside no matter how hot it gets.

Had a bit of a scare this past week. My right knee has been bothering me a little but not enough to interfere with my activities. Then I road my bike to a restaurant where I was meeting a friend for lunch and rode home again. As I put my bike away I noticed how much my knee hurt and decided to diagnose myself on google. Then I saw that it was very swollen and it was so painful I could hardly get up or down stairs. What the h-ll did I do??

Luckily I was able to get a doctor's app't the next day which was yesterday and I have to get an x-ray and ultrasound then I'll be referred (if need be) to a sports doctor. Cause I'm an athlete you know:) And I was told to take one Aleve with Naproxen twice a day. Well, I've had 3 of the Aleve so far and the swelling is practically all gone!! It could just be arthritis - will wait and see. But I feel so much better - I can go up and down the stairs, no problem. I was a little panicky to say the least as I head to Ireland in 4 1/2 weeks and I need my knee to be in good shape. I have no pain when I stand or walk but I couldn't bend my knee without pain. Just knowing that the Aleve can take care of the pain and swelling is such a relief. If anyone needs help with pain and swelling get the Aleve GEL CAPS with Naproxen, I think it's 210mg of Naproxen. Honestly I was flabbergasted at the quick results!

The kitties like the patio too though I put them inside most of the day today.
 Snoozing Luna zzzzzzz!
Snoozing Lily. The blue tarp is thrown over a chair and give them a little tent
to play in. They love to sneak up on each other and pounce! 

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SAM said...

Bummer on your knee but sounds like you have figured out the best relief. I use ice on mine too when the arthritis flares up-not heat even though that sounds like it should feel good.