Monday, July 25, 2016


 I just had to share "a few" photos from the PRIDE parade that took place in London yesterday. Do you have PRIDE parades where you live? It's one of my most favourite days of the year! 
I love seeing all of the most "colourful" people in the city join together to celebrate our
differences and our similarities.


There were people dressed up as furry animals posing for photos with the kiddies
- one way to lose weight in a hurry!

For one day you can let your love shine through without worry.

Usually there's a large contingent of "biker chicks" but this year only two.
Don't know the reason for that.

One of several teary moments happened when I saw a group of people
carrying signs with the names of all the Orlando victims.
This is my favourite photo of the day - this sweet sweet boy
is appropriately solemn.

Most of our police officers are good solid serious people. But even they
get into a celebratory mood and don't mind roaring around
in mini cars.  I had another teary moment
as members of our police force walked in the parade
and everyone around me started clapping to show their
appreciation for these dedicated folks who put their lives
on the line every single day. 

This was a big surprise for me - never before have any military
personnel been in our PRIDE parade. Yup, another teary moment!

I have to say it's about bloody time!

I also saw many more folks with disabilities in the parade. 
That makes me happy that they've been included. Feeling
normal only one day a year is NOT enough however.

It wouldn't be a PRIDE parade if we didn't LET OUR GEEK FLAG FLY!!!

I just thought this girl was so pretty!

The bubble machine was working hard!

This lady was walking with one of the many United Church's who
marched in support. This church definitely leads the way - they
are so accepting and inclusive. 
When I saw her I immediately thought of Joseph
and his coat of many colours.

Can't have a parade without music - these folks were 
fantastic on the steel drums.

The sign that summed up the day for me - LOVE IS LOVE!

Another tribute to Orlando carried by another differently abled person :)

I just loved this lady's creative skirt!

I suppose a PRIDE parade isn't the spot for me to get my FLIRT on!! 
"Macho macho man!"

My first (but definitely not my last) PRIDE cookie!

Oooh la la! She's holding up the scales of justice and looking
HOT at the same time :)

Can I just say I LOVE flamboyance?  She was having
so much fun posing for all of us! 
I wish I was as brave!

The geeks were well represented in their Comicon gear.

And finally, a lousy photo of Mr. and Miss PRIDE! 

I can't wait til next year!!

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