Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fun Fotos

Sooooo, recently a good friend of mine celebrated her 50th birthday.  Being a 
landmark birthday she decided to do it up big! She rented a car for almost
two weeks and "raised a little hell!" OK, I exaggerate just a wee bit.

First beach was in the lovely time-forgotten town of
Pt. Stanley. The external l950's facades of most stores and restaurants
remain intact and it was a very Twilight Zone type of day.
I love the fact
that the owner of a big restaurant right on the beach has real
palm trees planted every year. Then they are stored at a nursery over
the winter. Gives it a tropical vibe doesn't it?

I love to capture images of children enjoying themselves on the beach.
They don't worry about how they look and they don't worry
(too much) about getting sand in their icecream. They are
so in the moment!

Can't go to the beach and not get a standard sailboat photo! 

I'm not gonna lie - I really wanted to try this little guy's bulldozer! What
a cool toy for the beach!  (or is it a front end loader?) Sorry,
I had a girl child :) 

Hear we are enjoying the sunshine. We had great weather every day.
We are also in a drought right now - nice for days at the beach but 
not so great for farmers. 

And here we are at Pt. Pelee National Park. Yes, there were other beach visits
but I figure you see one you've seen them all! 
We were really yucking it up!

I took a LOT of photos but am including just a few...we walked on a boardwalk through
a marshy area - lots of birds and water lilies. 

A painted turtle.

Another type of water lily.

Purple martin below - I used to see a lot as a child as my dad would put up very tall
birdhouses but now my sightings are quite rare.

This beautiful fella has a lot of different sounds that he makes - around my area
he squawks but in Pt. Pelee he had the most piercing whistle!

A view of the marsh and boardwalk.

Then we hiked down to the point where the waters join - 
a magical spot.

There was another beach day followed by a day of shopping and exploring and eating
in a very quaint village south of London - called Sparta.
I found a few Christmas gifts :) :) 
For lunch we ate in the local teashop and I had a salmon and cucumber sandwich 
with a nummy salad and of course a pot of tea! 

After lunch we went to a wonderfully whimsical place in the country
called "Winter Wheat." You can walk all through the trees
on this large property and be amazed at every turn.
I took a LOT of photos as I normally do but am just sharing
a few like this wood nymph! 

Troy in one of the many little sheds and cabins nestled into the trees - we 
were ready to move in!

A strange fella playing a player piano in a little clearing.

A low hanging chandelier...

A hermit's little house - all windows!

Everything is made by hand, even the furniture. The owners take
all sorts of junk and re-use them to create sculptures and

I want to live here!!

Another sweet little hut.

Troy and I at her final blowout partay!!  I don't seem
to have any photos from our previous night of celebration
at London's Wine Bar (I think they are on my phone) - what a great place!
And what a great time we had celebrating and whooping it up big time!
I rode home on my bike at 2am through the quiet streets of London - what
a surreal experience that was!!

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