Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I love a good quickie, don't you?

Especially when it's full of good things...let's see...good things...

  • the shingles on my right hand haven't improved too much visually but they don't itch hardly at all - so THAT'S an improvement right?
  • yesterday after school I fell asleep in my chair out on the patio...there was the sound of someone mowing their lawn, the birds were chirping, the sun was shining, it was idyllic really....then Kazi came to the back door and started telling me her plans for the next few days - I don't remember a damn thing she said!! I pretended to listen as I wavered between consciousness and total zonked-outness. Yes, that's a word, just ask Sonya Ann....or Sluggy...
  • today I almost fell asleep again outside (must be a side effect of shingles or something - take your pick - I have a few diseases!) but then I roused myself and got  a second wind (wind, not gas!) and got busy inside. Boxes upstairs went downstairs, bins in the dining room went into the living room, boxes in the crawl space went upstairs and various other permutations of constant movement of belongings - some are for the yard sale on Saturday, some are going east with me in a month...a MONTH!!! some are being donated and a bunch of stuff I took to the garbage bin - I feel much more organized now. Shuffle shuffle...
  • my replacement came and spent the day today! It's true - someone is actually taking my job...good luck! She's young, very sweet and quiet - they'll EAT HER ALIVE!! I wasn't going to tell her anything bad but then it all spilled out, my bad! I hope she'll be ok, perhaps her sweetness will work in her favour - I'm anything but sweet - I'm jaded, cynical, sarcastic, caustic - but not sweet :) 
  • tomorrow night is the first of a couple of retirement dinners. I don't usually go to the union dinners but I got two free tickets since I'm being booted out of the union :) Kazi is my date but she's not pleased we don't get free cocktails!! 
  • I probably won't be able to write again til Sunday as tomorrow's the dinner, Friday night I'll be pricing everything for the sale and loading it all in the back of my truck, Saturday's the sale, Saturday night is a BBQ with my brother which makes Sunday a DAY OF REST!!! PHEW!!
  • Sunday is also JUNE 1ST!!! I'm planning a dedicated nutrition/exercise month to get myself ready for riding my bike to the beach in PEI!! 
  • Oh yes, don't let me forget, I have to take whatever I need for my England trip to PEI with me as I'm leaving from Halifax. OK? I'm counting on you all!!
Are you as busy as I am?? 


  1. Wow - a dedicated exercise month sounds kind of intense! I am glad the itchiness has stopped now. I do think that is the worst really x

  2. That will be mostly biking to and from work every day - for a total of 40 minutes daily. Plus errands - I'll try to do everything using my bike only. Now if only the weather cooperates!

  3. That sounds do-able! The weather has been glorious here, but not so much today and yesterday! I have been trying to run and increasing how long I run for by a minute every couple of days - I am up to 6 minutes!

  4. Poor sheep, going to the slaughter house. That's what my teacher friend says when there is a new recruit. Scary! Wish the new girl good luck... indeed, first jobs seem to all be the same; we start perked up and happy and sweet and with faith in humanity... then it all goes.
    I'm nowhere as busy, but I should be... I need to disassemble my desk and finish packing my belongings. Moving at the end of the month, and I still don't know where I am going!

  5. livingrichonthecheapMay 29, 2014 at 10:32 AM

    I bet all teachers start out sweet and end up jaded, especially after years of fighting for wage increases, nasty parents and overcrowded classrooms. Hopefully she develops shark skin. Have fun - good luck on your garage sale. We have been way too busy to plan ours but thinking about 2 weeks or so

  6. Sad isn't it that the demands of the job affect us this way. Supposed to be sunny and high of 24c tomorrow for our yard sale - PERFECT!

  7. No decision yet on the move eh? Here's hoping it all works out for the best - it's just not always easy to figure out what's best!

  8. Yes, its a word, ;p But then I can't speell.
    So much is happening around you and it is all wonderful!


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