Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summertime...and the living is easy...

 Well, springtime that is, but that's not a song so I'm sticking with summer :) I love my condo at this time of year - it's nothing fancy but for a brief week or two when the crabapple trees bloom it rises above the ordinary.
 I am blessed with a crabapple tree that has two trunks (is one a sucker?) that have twisted together over time - one side has pale pink blossoms while the other side...
has dark pink blossoms. I remember a little neighbour girl once riding around on her bike - she stopped briefly and said "you have a plethora of trees!" I still giggle over that one. She came back a little later with a friend and they played "wedding" on my sidewalk picking up and showering each other with handfuls of petals. Or is that a "plethora" of petals??
 The bleeding heart bush is showing up brightly against the foliage.
Once there was a tiny little spruce seedling growing in a neighbours window well. I rescued it and gave it a good home where it is indeed thriving. I love the new, tender pale green  growth.
 My most favourite of all spring flowers - Lily of the Valley. My parents had a huge amount of these growing on the shady north side of their home so each time I moved into a new apartment or house I would dig some up and transplant them.  I guess I'll be digging some of these up and taking them to PEI since I don't have access to our Norwich family home anymore.
 The little garden to the right of my front door is filling in nicely...

In the upper right hand of this photo you can sort of see my hydrangea bush - since I took this picture I have pruned it removing the dry sticks. Is it really just a couple of weeks from the last snow? I tell you once spring has sprung for sure the changes are at lightning speed. That pot of pansies on my front step did get covered with snow a couple of times but pansies are a hearty breed and have hung on bravely.

I have many more topics to write about - sometimes the ideas just flow...but due to some health issues I'm cutting this post short and will update you soon. Nothing serious...but annoying, unsightly and somewhat itchy...intrigued?? Who wouldn't be with that plethora of symptoms!!! :)


  1. That tree is impressive !
    Your plants are WAY ahead of ours...I'll show them these piccies and tell them to get a move on!
    Feel better soon.
    Jane x

  2. livingrichonthecheapMay 22, 2014 at 10:32 AM

    Your back yard looks very inviting with that tree and your foliage. Almost nice enough to sit out there with a glass of wine and a good book! Is it quite warm enough there yet for that? Cheers and hope your itch goes away!


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