Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What do you stand up for?

I have a near and dear friend - her name is Julie but her friends call her Jules. We met in university about a century ago when we were both working towards a degree in Visual Arts. I lost Jules for awhile when she lived in Mexico but happily she's been back in London for a few years now.

Jules stands up for a lot of things; especially climate change & against the big GMO monster - Monsanto. She has evolved over the years into an eco-warrior/supply teacher and artist. Jules helps keep me honest and involved. It's not always easy to stand up for something and make your voice heard. Nor is it easy to put thoughts and ideas into actions. So I'm proud of Jules for speaking out and not being afraid to put herself out there.

On Saturday I joined Jules and the local chapter of  Council of Canadians as they marched in support of protecting our fragile climate. And last night Jules arranged for Tzeporah Berman to speak at our central library.

Tzeporah Berman is a Canadian environmental activist - you can find out more information about her

Jules and Tzeporah

This isn't a rant about climate change, pipelines or oil spills; it's just an idea, a goal perhaps, of standing up for what we believe in, whatever that may be.  I look forward to having more time on my hands (boy do I ever!) and am curious about what my passion will be. Climate change? Perhaps. Pipelines and the ensuing environmental damage? Perhaps...

I don't pretend to have strong feelings one way or the other right now - I just want to be open to the possibilities as they present themselves. I know my cause/my passion will reveal itself to me in good time.

What do you stand up for?


ND Chic said...

Kids, specifically kids in poverty. When I donate my time or money to charities, they all have underprivileged kids involved. Our community has a local program where they have identified kids in households that don't have enough to eat. These kids are sent home a backpack of easy food like peanut butter, easy mac, and applesauce on Fridays so they have food to eat over the weekend. It makes me sad that many kids would likely go hungry otherwise. I also wonder how many little brothers and sisters are fed by that one backpack of food. This is something that I gladly stand up for and hive money and time.

Jane said...

Animal rights..the love of our fragile planet...the abolition of cruelty....poverty...discrimination.
Jane xxx

Anon said...

Jane, you're much too modest! You forgot to mention how you "stand up" for those with special needs. It's not just your "job".

As for me, I am probably one of the most a-political people around, but I will always be passionate about reproductive rights. (prochoice). If there is any topic that would get me off my butt - that would be it.

Jane Harrison said...

You're right of course - I get caught up in the BIG picture - how the world is going to hell in a handbasket and I don't feel like I'm doing much about it.
My brother once said to me - "I can't make the whole world a better place so I just concentrate on the part that I can make better." He teaches oil painting out of his home and between him and his students they help make a little bit of the world more beautiful.
Although I feel like I'm hardly ever out of this classroom I do make a difference IN it! Thank you for your comment - you've brightened my day :)

Jane Harrison said...

Animals are the innocent victims so often aren't they? I look forward to having my plot of land, a few chickens, cats, dogs and a bird sanctuary.

Jane Harrison said...

I'm glad the Salvation Army is still going strong after all these years - they do amazing and much needed work! Thanks for your comment Kerry!

Pam MacCollum said...

Wow! Great speaker! I stand up for the environment. I stand up for WWF and the Arthritis foundation.
I just saw your retirement counter - oh wow! You are so very very close now!!

Jane Harrison said...

Welcome Pam! I love my counter!! By the end of this long weekend I'll be down to 40 days! Woot woot!

Pam MacCollum said...

Thanks Jane! I should have put in aka The Quest to be Financially Abundant, aka Finding My Way =D I'm back and catching up with all of my favourite people!!

Sonya Ann said...

I like to sneak little things in my books about change and self-improvement.
I really do write, it is just taking a lot longer to get the books out. But I promise this year another one will come out. Oh who cares, I don't. LOL