Friday, May 16, 2014

Annoying Things

Some annoyances in my life:

  • #1 annoyance in my life right now, well not right now because with my daughter's help it is now fixed but it would still be annoying me IF I hadn't taken a mental health day today and IF she didn't come home during my mental health day because usually she's gone to work by the time I get home from work, except for today...
  • run-on sentences that don't make sense...
  • confused yet?
  • now you know why I needed a mental health day!!
OK, back to #1...
Ever since I bought my nice shiny new Macbook Pro my blog has been loading EVER SO SLOWLY which has been driving me CRAZY!! I thought something was wrong with my new laptop because as my daughter got sick of me saying "my old Dell laptop loaded my blog REALLY FAST! so why doesn't it load quickly on my shiny new Macbook???

She made a few suggestions and quickly got tired of telling me IT ISN'T the COMPUTER that's slow it's the internet for some reason. Before she got tired of me completely she suggested trying another browser. Really?  Yes, the Macbook had Safari already on it so that's what I was using. It hadn't occurred to me that on the Dell I was using Internet Explorer for some things and Google Chrome for others and I didn't realize I could download those to my shiny new Macbook! 

Kazi suggested Firefox as that's what her boyfriend uses and it's fast for him. Well, I downloaded it but it was even slower where my blog was concerned. Then I tried Google Chrome and VOILA!! It loaded quickly again!! Happy dance happy dance!! So now I am in the process of downloading Google Chrome on my iPhone and iPad so we can all be in sync.  It really pays to take a mental health day once in a while. It gives you time to deal with annoyances.

Other (not annoying) stuff going on:
  • I was pricing flights from here to Halifax for my friend Jules (the activist) as she's coming to see me in PEI this summer and we had talked about a side trip to Halifax. Turns out there are NO flights east from London (on Westjet) but there are from Hamilton, just down the road a ways. I found her a relatively economical flight ($237) and she was really excited! Then I found us a gorgeous inn called Mary Queen of Scots for $50 each per night so we're staying 3 nights. Woo hoo!! Excited for TRAVEL PLANS!!  So I will drive to Halifax Airport, pick her up and off to our Inn (heritage building) we shall go! Yippee!
Mary Queen of Scots Inn

Close up of Queen Mary, poor dear, all that's left of her is her head!

  • Going to see The Budapest Hotel again tonight!!  I wanted to see it again and enough time has gone by so it will seem fresh again. About half of it I didn't hear because of the shrieks of laughter some annoying person kept emitting...oh yeah, that was me...
  • Trying to make plans with my brothers and sister-in-law to get together in June but not sure if it'll work out. My one brother is actually travelling east on his motorcycle but is leaving early June so I won't get to see him while he's travelling. He'll visit my sister who has moved to the eastern side of PEI but as I won't be leaving til July we won't intersect. That makes me sad rather than annoyed. 
  • This one IS annoying - I've had to put my furnace on today!! Waaaaaah!!! I am so NOT happy about that but it's only 4c out and the house was so COLD!! So I guess I would have saved a few cents if I'd gone to work today :( Everything balances out doesn't it?
That's it for anything annoying you today??


  1. Wow, that is cold for mid-May. What happened to spring?? I'm glad you re making some fun plans with friends and family.

  2. Trust me, mental health days are very important. I'm surprised the browser made any difference to be honest. I would've only suggested that if the issue was sites crashing or not loading properly, but for slow loading, I'd go after the internet connection. Glad it worked for you, though. And wow, furnaces so late... then again, Colorado had a foot of snow earlier this week, so...

  3. Yes,now you ask. I vacuumed up the crud from under the log basket.,as I emptied Sir Dyson's container,the crud POOFED all over...bit of a mess,but hey,it's Friday,and a long weekend.Have a good one.
    Jane x

  4. In 44 days FUN will be the name of the game. I want to laugh and enjoy life. And TRAVEL!! But it better warm up!

  5. Browsers are weird. In order to do report cards at home I needed Firefox. In order to read my school email account I needed Internet Explorer. Some things works in some browsers but not all. Don't ask me why, 'cause i don't know!

  6. Sir Dyson indeed! I have one too and for that kind of cash they should push themselves around! And empty themselves too!

  7. Heck is snowed in Illinois!?
    I am glad your annoyances are abating. I am about to have a nervous breakdown over buying a car. Can I just go to sleep tonight and have one appear in my driveway tomorrow when I open my eyes?
    Sounds like a great time visiting w/your friend in Halifax. Last time we were up in the Maritimes(ages ago)we didn't get a chance to get to Halifax and the ferry from ME is so gosh darn expensive! Never got to PEI either....closest we got was Moncton, the Hopewell Rocks and the Fundy National Park.
    You are making me want to take a ride to Canada this Summer.....

  8. livingrichonthecheapMay 16, 2014 at 5:13 PM

    Be sure and take all the mental health/sick days you need to before you sure can't get them back after. So exciting to make travel plans. We can't make any plans until Sept or after now as there is some talk of one of my stepkids moving in with us so we have to see what shakes out. I am still saving for travel though :)

  9. Ohhhhh, the plot thickens! Yes, keep saving for sure - eventually you'll get to plan another trip. I have a few sick days left...I think 6 left out of our allotment of 11. So think I'll pick a couple of nice days in June :)

  10. Sluggy - you and hubs are always welcome and I'm being serious which is something I don't do very often! :)

  11. Ughhh, I hate computer issues. Glad you got it resolved.

    Hey, I just read this story and it made me think of you.

  12. I wouldn't be able to understand a Mac at all! My partner has one and I never use it! The hotel looks fantastic, you will have such a marvellous time! Sorry it is so cold there still though :( it is slow to start here too!

  13. yup, Macs are a whole new language from PCs, and as of yet I don't speak it!

  14. What a great story!! I love hearing about good samaritans - you don't usually hear about one connected to autism however. What a wonderful person :) Thanks for sharing that with me Kim!

  15. Laura / No More SpendingMay 17, 2014 at 11:38 AM

    Computer/Internet issues are enough to send me over the edge - I'm glad you (and Kazi) got it sorted :)

    Your trip sounds fun...not long now Jane! :)

  16. You had better watch out....I just might take you up on that offer.....after I get a


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