Sunday, June 1, 2014

Catching pictures!

What a whirlwind of a week! Last Monday I turned 58!! Whoa Nelly, slow it down a little will ya? 58?? Next thing you know I'll be retired or something :) Last Monday, for my birthday, Kazi and I went to Earl's because it's $5.00 margarita day on Mondays! And even though it was my birthday it was no reason to go crazy and throw money away! I had one...or two...pomegranate margaritas and except for the brain freeze they were to die for!! (Note the lily of the valley I picked when we were leaving the house - they are always in bloom for my birthday and are my FAVE flower of all time!)
After Earl's we went to my favourite restaurant - JAMBALAYA!! where I had my favourite food - Pad Thai and it was scrumptious as ever! Along with a Sour Green Apple spritzer. Kazi's boyfriend, Steve, met up with us for dinner and we had a fun time.  Unfortunately only his hand made it into the photo.

 Then on Thursday Kazi and I attended the first of my two retirement dinners - this one was put on by OECTA, my union. I think there were around 35 people retiring including my department head, Fil.
Of course it's not a real retirement dinner without a selfie or two, especially when photo-bombed by my weird daughter. Weirdly beautiful daughter I meant...

The teachers at my school are putting together a video for our final assembly next Friday based on the "but first let me take a selfie" song.  So when I went up to say my little "speech" and receive my little gift I greeted everyone and then said "but first let me take a selfie" (yes, I really did that!!) and hence the smiling photo of the EMCEE behind me - he is what ended up in my selfie lol!!

I had no idea speeches were expected so I winged it letting the audience know first that I was unprepared, as usual...lot of guffaws as I'm sure you know we teachers are NEVER unprepared!! Afterwards lots of people said they enjoyed my remarks so I'm glad I didn't prepare a stuffy formulaic speech! You know the kind...."on my first day of teaching.....on my second day of teaching...." snore!
There's my fellow retiree, Fil, taking my picture as I'm taking hers!
Oh we are a cute mother/daughter act, aren't we?
In addition to our free dinner tickets we received a few complimentary "drinks" tickets and a few bottles of wine for our table.  Thank goodness Catholic teachers believe in alcohol!

 Happy retirement Fil!!
 Here's a couple of shots of me at the podium - guess I should have showed Kazi how to zoom in a little!

 GROUP shot! Fil and I bookended by the new department head on the right (gosh he looks thrilled!) and the other remaining spec ed teacher on the left. They're going to miss us, just you wait and see!

Finally - the yard sale yesterday held on my brother's street. About 7 houses in a row participated and I brought my junk treasure over to sell too. My brother Gord is the straw-hatted fellow in the middle of the picture above. He also makes amazing birdhouses and sold a few during the yard sale. It was a warm and sunny day - just perfect - and swarms of people flocked by.
 Looking in the other direction.
 I think Gord talked many a shopper into a few extra purchases - he definitely knows how to sell!
 My junk treasures - I sold most of the stuff I took over and left two boxes of unsold things behind for charity. My house is a little bit lighter once again.

 My wonderful sister-in-law, Pat. She sold a LOT too!!
This little set has been around for a good long while. In one house Kazi and I lived in the only eating area was a little alcove off the kitchen so I purchased the above little set for us to use at mealtime - Kazi was 3 at the time so it's 20 years old. Pat bought it from me when I moved out of that place into our condo but it has spent the last few years in their basement. It sold yesterday and I couldn't help but have nostalgic feelings about it.
 That evening, after the sale, everyone gathered for a BBQ and drinks...
There's my bro again...
Oh my! BBQ'd ribs and chicken, lots of salads and homemade fudge and baclava for dessert!  By 9pm my sister-in-law and I felt overwhelmingly tired - I hadn't had much sleep for a few days so off I went home. Today I didn't wake up til almost 10am!! Unheard of for me. But a much-needed sleep.

So now I'm caught up, sort of, and took it easy today. Caught up on lots of laundry, made juice and now it's time for some supper. It's now JUNE, and officially my last month of work! I'm having family over next Sunday and then after that it will be time to prepare for PEI!!

Thank goodness for the pics in this post as I'm feeling rather uninspired in my writing. Still tired I guess. And feelings of melancholy for what has been my life for the past 22 years.

More on that topic to come...


  1. Wait a minute, wine and cocktails! I want to be a Catholic teacher, too. This public school gig is for the birds with our Crystal Light packets.

  2. What a great retirement dinner! I'll admit we don't give free drinks at ours - or ask every retiree to speak. That might make it interesting!!!

  3. Lilies of the valley are my most favorite flowers too! I miss them so much now that we live in a desert...

  4. The weather is finally glorious in PEI, just in time for your vacation!


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