Sunday, May 18, 2014

Soup's on!!

 Who woulda thunk that I'd be busy making soup during the long weekend in May? Well me, that's who! When the temperature barely rises above 0c it's SOUP TIME!! And besides, I wanted to try out my new GREEN PAN and VITAMIX! Yes, I've been spending money like it's going out of style so let's see if the results are worth the expenditure.  Oh, that's a lovely pan that Green Pan of mine!

The bottom pan has a no-stick surface guaranteed for a ridiculous amount of time. There is also a steaming basket that fits inside the bottom pan with a handy handle and a lid that actually fits! Kazi was cooking something a couple of weeks ago and complained that there was no lid that fit on top of our big frying pan in which she was whipping up a stir-fry.

Yes sir, the state of our pots and pans was pretty sad.
Look at this lovely squash steaming away - it took less than 10 minutes to steam to the desired softness - because the steam basket is so big I was able to spread the cubed squash thinly hence cooking FAST!
With my super duper Vitamix I received 2 cookbooks and a CD Rom :) Because I had a lovely squash sitting in my pantry I decided to make the Acorn Squash Soup.

 I happened to have chicken broth on hand...
but I substituted almond milk for evaporated milk - I like to live on the edge!
A variety of spices, salt & pepper to taste and a dollop of maple syrup :) :)
Everything goes into the Vitamix...
which operated on high for 5 minutes at which time...
the soup was steaming hot - it looks delicious!
 A little sprinkle of ground flax....
 and I sat down to eat!
It was even better than it looks. I seem to remember groaning and moaning over how delicious it was:)
And...if you follow me on Facebook, (and if not WHY not?? just send me a friend request - Jane Harrison in London, Ont.) you'll know I posted a pic of the empty bowl that I did indeed lick clean! Just couldn't waste a smidgeon!

Do you know with my Vitamix I can make all sorts of things from nut butters, to hummus, to soup to sorbet? Oh yes and let's not forget the pina coladas, the margaritas and smoothies, not to mention batters, dips, dressings and sauces. Lots of good eats!

If you're in Canada enjoy your extra day off tomorrow :) looks like a nice day weather-wise. If you're not then hahahahaha you're back to work!

Sorry for gloating...


  1. Ha, your US friends will gloat next Monday. I'll send you a FB request.

  2. Try SILK almond milk...mmmmmmmmmmm.
    Jane x

  3. Yum! It's gonna be soup here tomorrow too. Good old chicken noodle (because I have tiny bit of chicken that needs to be used up). And that's my kid's favorite milk :)

  4. Jane , you are not spending money like it is going out of style , you are buying it for life. So really you are spending wisely.Food and cooking are important for your health. Mr Money Mustache is for your mind.

  5. livingrichonthecheapMay 19, 2014 at 12:40 PM

    The only way I like squash is in soup and that looks tasty! Hmm, thinking I need to make soup today....

  6. Hahaha, the laugh is truly on us. BUT we do get next Monday off! Soup looks good. I'm not much of a soup person (never tried making one myself besides canned stuff), but it looks pretty good. Missing maybe some crusty bread to go along. Yum.

  7. The Vitamix really is awesome... I need to dig mine out & use it more. I've been bitter lately since I can't have my smoothies anymore.. :( That soup looks fabulous though.. yum!


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