Sunday, May 25, 2014

And this is why I blog...

.....because of people like y'all! I can't believe (but really I do because you folks come through for me again and again) the range and practicality and thoughtfulness of the ideas, suggestions and advice that came out of my last post. I have already put a few things into effect and will provide an update in a few days.
                     I can't see YOU, but I know you're there! And I know I can count on you!

So I need some more suggestions/advice but on a lighter note! It took me awhile but I finally found a carry-on bag that is only 20cm deep (around here the usual size is 23cm) as well as 50cm tall and 40 cm wide. These are the restrictions for travelling on Icelandair. I received the carry-on a few days ago and then yesterday received my tote bag that will carry my laptop, iPad, iPhone, camera, wallet, passport & other important papers etc.  Both purchases came from Future Shop's online store and were shipped at no cost.


 So here's my carry-on bag made by the United Colours of Benetton - no kidding eh? This was the only colour combo it wasn't sold out in but luckily I LOVE IT!!
A side view :)  I should have done the inside but too late - it is lined in the bright green!
 One of my best all-time finds!! While I love my carry-on I am in lust with my tote bag!! So well made.
So, the outside pocket, once unzipped, reveals a padded spot for an iPad, then in front of it a zipped pocket for jewelry, a place for pens and a mesh compartment for...
 and inside there is a padded spot to slide in my laptop and other essentials..
all while looking chic!!
On one side are two pockets with flaps - I'm thinking quick and easy access for iPhone and camera...
 and then another pocket on the other side for...I don't know what yet...
See the little ring symbol for jewelry, so CUTE!!

Ok, so here's where I need input. I've decided that I neither want to LOSE luggage or WAIT for luggage on the carousel. I want the convenience of carrying everything I need with me. So I'm thinking, no big suitcase. I'll carry everything I need for a 2 week walking trip in these 2 delicious bags.

CAN THAT BE DONE?? Can I live out of a carry-on and tote bag for 2 weeks? What should I take with me? When reading the reviews of the walking trip one woman was thankful she was able to do a bit of laundry at one of the accommodations. I'm also thinking that when I get to the farmhouse B&B they will probably let me do laundry. Of course I'll need to wear my hiking boots while I'm travelling along with jeans and rain jacket. SO what do I pack??? I'm not planning on wearing makeup or dressing up at all - this is me tromping and biking around the countryside and eating in pubs. How very British!!

Suggestions? Ridicule? Nah, let's just stick with suggestions....
***update - just realized I should have said when I'm going - from mid-September to the beginning of October.


  1. This can definitely be done. Wear lots of layers on the plane so they don't need to be packed. Stick to lightweight fabrics. These can be washed in sinks and dry quickly. Pick clothes in neutral colors that all work together. I went to Europe last summer for 2 weeks. I wore a lot of neutral colors, but took a couple of very lightweight scarves for a splash of color in the evening. Ooooo, so excited for your upcoming travel.

  2. witchisland.blogspot.caMay 25, 2014 at 1:36 PM

    I know that rolling your clothes up allows for more room and less wrinkles.
    Love the look of your luggage. I agree if you can do it all from a carry-on bag I would do it. Less hassle and no lost luggage. The only limitations if you want to bring some thing back with you, but I'm sure you will figure out a way to squeeze them inside some how. You must be so excited with retiring and traveling coming up so soon. I'm so happy for you.

  3. But remember that you'll need to wear as much every day you move from place to place as you wear on the plane or it won't fit. If you're not based in one place for several days at a time you could find yourself rather over-layered!

  4. I won't have much time for shopping but thought if I did buy anything (I've never gone anywhere without bringing something for Kazi:) it could be jewelry - there's a nice little spot for it in my tote!

  5. Very good point - one I hadn't thought of! BUT I think I'll be ok because I went with soft sided bags instead of hard so the bag will expand a bit. I could also pack or buy a cloth or plastic bag of some sort to carry the extra. The bags will be moved from place to place for me. But this problem will definitely require some careful planning.

  6. Jane - that last bag is so cute! I really need something more like that, with loads of little compartments, for when I go away. They will be so useful and so cute too. I want to come with you!!

  7. I'm totally in love with your new tote bag! If you can do the laundry there, just pack basic necessities. Mix and match stuff. Extra pair of comfy shoes. How cold will it get there in Sept-Oct?

  8. Love both bags!!!! Love ya!....Will email this week to catch up

  9. ICELAND?!?!? clearly I missed a post or two. Holy heck am I ever jealous. Would love to visit Iceland some day. and that suitcase! Gorgeous, and you'll never get it confused with someone else's luggage. I'm the queen of packing too little. I hate carrying luggage. Can I suggest anything in merino wool. It's lightweight, soft, no wrinkles, good for layering, wicks moisture away and has natural antibacterial properties (doesn't start to smell when worn over consecutive days). In other words, perfect for hiking.

  10. Be sure to check your carry on weight limits if your taking a laptop. We took ours to Scotland and almost had to put it in the checked bag because the laptop was almost at the weight limit. We were on Airtransat and they were very sticky on weight allowances. It was during the volcano erupting and we had to go around the ash so that may have contributed to that. I bought an iPad after that for travelling and don't miss the laptop at all.

  11. They did when we flew. Unless you need the laptop for a specific reason. I wouldn't worry about it, the iPad is perfect for travel.

  12. You should be fine. Sept/Oct can get a bit chilly in the UK, so a couple of tops, a lightweight merino/wool top and a fleece jacket should be good, with a couple of trousers should do you. Sounds like a great holiday.

    Julie Q

  13. I love your new bags. So cute!!! Can I go with you? Lolz

  14. You have convinced me Jackie! Thanks for your invaluable info! iPad it is! That gives me a bit more space too :)

  15. There is a really good post on Squawkfox about packing light for a 10 day trip. Just google Squawkfox packing for 10 day trip and it should come up.

    I just recently returned from a trip to Iceland on Icelandair. The planes are comfortable and the flight attendant hands each passenger a bottle of water as they board the plane ( a nice touch). If you want to eat anything you have to buy it (using a credit card.).

    An easy souvenir from Iceland is lava salt, which you can easily pick up at the airport (I suggest doing on your return flight). There is absolutely nothing around the airport! It is an expensive taxi ride into Reykjavik, and takes about 40-45 minutes to get there. Have a terrific trip!


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