Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat

My dad, holding a chicken! 
Hey ho it's Sunday night and time for a little chit chat. That is, if you can drag yourself away from the Oscars!  Don't forget to check out our fearless leader's Carla's chit chat too!

What am I watching? as if you didn't know...Bill Crystal is really funny this year!

I'm so pleased Octavia Spencer won for Best Supporting Actress! She was amazing!

What am I listening to?
Just the TV and Kazi texting away constantly on her phone as she watches the Oscars with me.

What am I reading?

The Fear Place - I'm reading this for school - I have a student who will be doing a novel study on this book. Our unit right now is Emotions and I think he'll really relate to the main character in this book. (And I'm really hoping he won't be too scared by the story!)

Not a darn thing but I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll be baking Carla's gluten free banana chocolate chip cake if I have the recipe by then!!  Check it out HERE!

I wasn't too inspired to cook this weekend - I've been resting and nursing my cold - I did heat up some soup lol!

Happy I accomplished this week?
Tons of paperwork at school - feeling somewhat more organized, still a ways to go, am never totally caught up as more just keeps  a-coming!

Looking forward to next week?


Thankful for today?

Time to spend with my daughter scoping out all of the beautiful Oscar dresses - such a girly thing to do!

And that's it for tonight! Have a great week my friends!


  1. My students have The Fear Place as a novel choice too :-) small world.

  2. woohooo on the new budget! so ready for the turn of the calendar!  

  3. I'm so glad Billy Crystal hosted again!! Last year was horrid... It's Billy's show if you ask me! The recipe is going up soon! :) My new budget kicks in soon too, can't wait for a fresh start!!

  4. Aw! Hope you're feeling better, Jane! Sounds like a pretty peaceful Sunday overall. I'm looking forward to March, too - February was a bit of a bust for me...Take care!

  5. Gee, I have been so self absorbed I did not even know you wee sick with a cold.  Feel better.  Weren't the dresses divine?

  6. Hope your cold gets better soon.....
    I managed to give the Oscars a bodyswerve this year

  7. The dresses are my favourite part!!  (yup, I was on the couch last night for hours watching).  Loved the dress Jessica Chastain wore, my absolute favourite of the night.  Which ones did you and Kazi like?

  8. I love the old pics you post of your family!

    Hope you are feeling better :-)

  9. I'll have to check out The Fear Place - so far behind on 'good' books. I have a 'bathroom reader' LOL that I just love - Laura Ingalls Wilder - think it's little house in the ozarks - a book of 'undiscovered writings' though how they publshed undiscovered stuff is beyond me..but just the other day I was reading an essay on gossip/vicious words - how it's hard to take them back before they do a lot of damage and scatter on the wind to do even more.
    I found the actresses too skinny - sorry but some of them need some food - angelina looked like a skeleton - seriously - and she has daughters she's setting an example for. oh well I can honestly say I need to lose weight but I"m not envious of the skeleton look at all.

  10. I finished The Fear Place last night - it was really good even though its a book for the 10 - 12 year old range. And perhaps more for boys than girls as the two main characters were boys. Still, it was a good read.


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