Sunday, February 12, 2012

Decluttering Challenge #3 - The After Shots

It's done!!  The dreaded decluttering challenge is done, finito, kaput, over and out! Just to recap:  I have finished my Personal Space (Room of my Own) challenge, the Family Space (upstairs combo TV room/guest bedroom/cat's room/my dressing room) and now my dreaded linen closet is decluttered and organized.

Yesterday I posted Before Photos:
One of the two shelves devoted to twin-size sheets among other assorted things- I used to have 3 twin sized beds in the house, now there is only one so I do NOT need two shelves of sheets for just one bed!!

Here are the Afters:
 Well this is not quite AFTER but I am getting closer to my sewing machine - I can now see the white case in right rear corner!
 Down to one quilt and one comforter as "extras" plus there are a couple more in storage in the basement- the others I'm taking to PEI with me this summer.
 Sorted and tossed extra toiletries...
Just kept the best of the twin-sized sheets and a few extra pillow cases...
Some cotton twin-sized sheets for summer, Kazi's beach towel and one extra white towel that won't fit into the bathroom towel storage area.
Ta Da!! There is the sewing machine plus a sleeping bag. Everything else has been tossed or put into more appropriate storage spaces, like under the bathroom sink.

Here's what's leaving:
This pile of sheets/comforters/extra clothes is heading east  to PEI on June 30th!
Garbage and recycling....
Donations filled two garbage bags!!

What I found in the linen closet -
Kazi's silver hairbrush she received at her christening 20 years ago and some zinc oxide cream...just in case she gets a diaper rash!!! I'll keep the brush but the zinc oxide cream goes out with many other potions and lotions...into the TRASH!! I also got rid of half a dozen partially used cold remedies as they were past their  Use By dates.

Oh yeah, here are my "ready to post" cards going to my two sisters up in Bracebridge, ON.  And that wraps up my challenges for this weekend.

My last challenge is the "productivity" challenge in which I am challenging my family to "mingle" their laundry - I'm not sure if this one will be successful - the other part of the challenge is for me to do laundry during the week (after 7pm because of smart meters) so I don't have to do it on the weekends. I think I can manage this part of the challenge for sure!  I'm going to start THIS week and provide an update on the weekend.

And now I'm  going to catch up on my blog reading! Kazi is working on a school assignment, Michael is laying down with a headache so I'm having a quiet and peaceful Sunday afternoon! Which is fine by me as the weather outside is frightful!

I'll check back later too for Sunday Night Chit Chat with Carla!


  1. It looks fabulous!!!  You cleaned out a lot of stuff from that small space!  Now you won't be scared to open that door anymore. 

  2. Wow, Jane can not believe how much you have been sorting and cleaning. WOW!!! Great job, I must say!!! Lots of snow here today.
    Island hugs Kendra

  3. Wow, you rock Jane! That's a lot of sorting and decluttering!

  4. What a productive day! You really are a woman on a mission.

    Hope M's headache gets better.

    Sft x

  5. Great job, that looks like it was quite the task.  

  6. Wow!! You did a fabulous job!! Doesn't it feel a million times better!! Thank goodness that you found Kazis diaper cream! ROTFL!!!

  7. I know I know, too funny!! I even asked her if she wanted to keep it, you know, just in case! And yes, it feels really good to have it done, thanks to you my friend!

  8. It was indeed, I had to be very brave lol!

  9. He just came up for air and seems to be feeling much better - he's vacuuming now!

  10. I probably wouldn't have done any of this but for Carla's challenge - what a friend!

  11. I get a lot done when someone else motivates me Kendra! Now Michael's joining in too, cleaned the fridge and is now cleaning the oven!

  12. Yes, it's not a scary space any more!! YAY!

  13. Wow, way to go, Jane!  

  14. WAY TO GO!!!!!! That was a heck of a job to tackle, I don't know if we should string Carla up for all the extra work she has put on us or send her a big old box of chocolates!!! 

  15. Your linen closet looks wonderful!   Great job with the de-cluttering of it.  Woot!  Woot!

  16. That is one very small linen closet.  But you are right, why do we keep 12 sets of sheets when we only have one bed?  I am dreading mine!

  17. Everything's smaller in a condo! But it's been sufficient for Kazi and me. And we keep our bed sheets etc down in the basement where our bedroom is. It feels so good to part with over half of those twin size sheets, let me tell ya!!

  18. Thanks Lisa - it's very freeing to just LET GO of so much stuff!

  19. We could just tease her with the chocolates and then pop them in our own mouth!! Or give her the ones we don't like lol! Heck, she deserves an award!!

  20. Thank you - we owe it all to Carla!


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