Monday, April 4, 2011

Weird and Wacky Weather We're Having Lately

Saturday - plus 5c and sunny
Sunday - snow falling and it was so windy the snow was falling
on a 45 degree angle
Monday - thunderstorms at 6am and mild/windy - plus 14c
Tomorrow - calling for snow
Wednesday - calling for rain AND snow (tee hee)
Thursday - mild and perhaps a glimpse of the sun if we really behave ourselves
Friday - thunderstorms and a 
Big sigh.....


On Friday my staff and I helped to celebrate Todd's 21st birthday with his 
parents and friends at a pub not too far from our school. You see we all 
really love our young man, and if that means we have to
go out, eat munchies and drink a beer to
celebrate his big day then that is just a
sacrifice we have to make!

On Saturday Michael and I went to help my niece and nephew clean up
their dad's house to get it ready for sale. That was the last
time I saw the sun. Oh Sun - where have you gone - I miss you so!
We had a great time and it's a real joy seeing my niece and nephew
work together, as the wonderful adults they have become,
toward a common goal.

Saturday night we went to Jambalaya for dinner and another nephew joined
us. Don't they make me look little? I need to have them around all
of the time! That was the third restaurant meal of the day and 
would be the reason my misc spending is at an all-time high
but you know the time spent together was so worth it.
We laughed til we cried :)

I should have taken pictures of the cream of broccoli jalepeno cheddar soup, the coconut shrimp, the pad thai, the jerk chicken but I was too busy
stuffing my face!! I did think though to take a picture of dessert, 
which was fried plantains, coconut icecream and purple yam icecream
with a huge ginger-flavoured Jackass cookie in the middle and
yes, that is what it's really called! Doesn't it look
positively scumptious??

Sunday - no photos as I hung out in my pj's and watched movies all day! 
Today - back to work and nursing a headache due to the low pressure
system that is stalled over our city. It's starting to lift now though
(the headache) 
so I'm off to cycle a little further on my bike ride to PEI.
I missed a couple of days due to general busyness and
tiredness so will try to get back in the groove this 
week. I'm afraid to get on the scales to find
out how much damage I inflicted on my hips
after such a self-indulgent weekend but
I will leave you with words of wisdom from my nephew:

"Life is short, enjoy every moment!"


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time celebrating yoyr students birthday! He looks so happy! :)

That dessert looks to die for!! Yummy! Worth every single calorie in my books! lol!

The Gazelle Sisters said...

OK, so after seeing the picture and description of what you got to taste for those meals out, I say it was so worth it!! Yikes to your weather, though. It was 84 degrees here today!


Anonymous said...

Dessert, mmm ...

Nice weather, lol. We must have had the same snowstorm with the sideways blowing snow. Just luvverly!

Sharon said...

Jane you always know how to have a great time, even with the bad weather! And, by the way, that dessert looks spectacular!

Niki said...

I think we get the same storms as you. These thunderstorms remind me of Florida without the heat.

Lisa @Cents To Save said...

Niki, we are expecting the storms in Florida today. I don't know if they are the ones you all had, but they are coming south.
Jane, Sharon is right. You Always have a great time where ever you are or what ever the circumstances. I am always smiling when I leave your blog :)

Marguerite said...

This weather really is wild and wacky isn't it? I couldn't believe the snow this past weekend. and now today it's 11 degrees! likely followed by more snow? truly bizarre.

Mark said...

You are totally surrounded by cute guys. Did you realize that? Of course you did, what am I thinking?
Love the picture of Michael with the great smile. It's cool how he's posing while someone in the house is on the floor scrubbing it.
Your Friend, m.

Jane said...

YES, Mark I'm a lucky girl!! But I so didn't see my niece in the background scrubbing the kitchen floor - too funny! Michael is very vain (don't tell him I said so!) so doesn't like "unposed" pictures although I prefer them! Too funny!

Michael G. Duhaney said...

Hi Jane, I noticed your comment here (smile) and yes, I love taking pictures. Anyone know of a modeling agency looking for a matured gentleman over 50? Let Jane know.

So appreciate you Jane and enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work.

"At the end of life, our questions are very simple:
Did I live fully? Did I love well?"
Jack Kornfield

To all your blog friends, live fully and love well. Cheers.

Lindy Mint said...

Very well said. That time with family is so well spent. And life is short.

I'm glad for your daily reminders to us to do so :)